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Dutch Betting in eSports (with Real-Life Examples)

Dutch betting is a steady and profitable strategy that can help you cash in by covering every outcome that you find probable in a particular match. It’s being used extensively by pro bettors, especially in times when they are not 100% sure in their judgment.

The Science Behind Dutch Betting

Dutch betting is a system of betting on multiple outcomes of one event, so that every single outcome guarantees a profit. For this to work, the combination of odds needs to be high and you have to operate with a reasonably high budget.

Let me explain how to use dutch betting through a real-life example:

I am betting on a CSGO match between Cloud9 and NRG. Here are the odds below:


As you can see, Cloud9 are the favorites here, but an odd of 1.35 is not that interesting to me. I want to play Inception so I go deeper into some of the other betting options for this match. (Sorry, Leo)

Scrolling down, I find this gem.


In short, it lets you predict which team will win both pistol rounds in the first map. The odd for Cloud9 is 2.40 and 4.50 for NRG. Awesome, moving on.

Now, I can easily place a bet on Cloud9 here, but we all know that pistol rounds are volatile.

I am positive that one of these teams will win both pistol rounds but I’m not sure which. Here is what I’ll do: I’ll take my stake of 100€ and I’ll bet on both outcomes so that I make an equal profit whoever wins both pistol rounds.

So far I know the odds for both outcomes, I know how much money I can stake but what I don’t know is how much I have to bet on each outcome so that I get an equal profit.

Enter Dutch Betting Calculator.

This thing will let you enter the odds, your stake and it will then calculate how much you need to stake on each odd, in order to guarantee a profit. Take a look at what it says for my pistol rounds bet.


This means that, if any of the teams win both pistol rounds, I am guaranteed a profit of 50€, I just have to bet 65€ on Cloud9 and 34€ on NRG.

Cool, right?

If you understood what I just explained, congrats. You have just learned the fine art of dutching bets and you can be confident that you are one step closer to becoming a pro. But, is it all fun and games in the Dutchland?

How to Use Dutch Betting Strategy in eSports


Even though dutching is a tried and tested strategy, every single thing in this world has a flaw. For dutching to work, you’ll need to be patient and find the best possible opportunities.

That takes time and it’s often what separates serious and casual bettors.

To help you out, I prepared this 5 step dutch betting reminder that you can use when betting on your favorite game:

  1. Find a game where one team is the clear favorite.
  2. Explore additional betting markets (round winners, headshot percentage, damage percentage)
  3. Choose one and see the odds for each sub-outcome.
  4. Enter them all in a dutching calculator.
  5. Find out if these odds provide you enough ground to make a profit. If so, go on with the bet.

This is just one of many examples how you can use dutch betting in eSports. Other examples include special bets, early bets on tournament winners, map winners and anything else imaginable.

Just remember, the biggest requirement is to find GREAT ODDS for at least two probable outcomes.

After that, it’s just a matter of calculating your way to success.

As usual, if you found my advice helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and give us a shout out.