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Esports Blog Guest Posting

Whether you are an avid blogger or have a hidden passion for gaming, it’s good to spread your knowledge about online betting with your sports writing via the top esports guest posting platforms. Most online guest blogging platforms allow new and professional bloggers to share their information with the world via blogging on their platforms.

To help you enjoy your passion for eSports writing, we’ve collected the most promising and easier ways for guest posting on the top platforms. And these tips will also help you get your guest posts published on the top platforms too. Before we begin with the tips, it is important that we understand the eSports blogging closely.

Why Guest Posting?

One of the most common reasons here is to spread your knowledge about the online gaming and betting industry, but there are a lot more reasons you must keep in mind before you start your journey as a guest blogger. It not just helps you increase your backlinks via the leading platforms, but also help raise brand awareness, and increase traffic to your website.

Authority – With each guest post published on the esports guest blogging website, your name as an ‘Author’ will be also published so you will be an authorised expert of the industry. A byline as an author on the guest posting website acts as a form of social proof, which is a key indicator of authority.

Backlinks – Another reason to start eSports blogging is to get backlinks. If you want to improve your website’s appearance on the virtual world, you’ll need some quality backlinks from authority sites. And guest posting does exactly that for you.

Traffic – If you have a personal blog or a website and would want more people to visit your website or blog, then you may have great benefits with the help of guest posting on the leading platforms. Most guest blogging platforms will put a link to your own website. This means that the people who read your blog, will surely click on these links to visit your website or blog to know more about the particular topic.

How to Get Your Esports Guest Blogs Published?

Know where to guest post

The first thing you’d need to start your journey as a guest blogger is to have a list of the best platforms that allow new bloggers to contribute on their platforms. While most of them may charge some amount for guest posting, but the free ones are always better as they are more renowned and more people read them quite often.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the free platforms demand expertise in the particular field and you must write something very engaging and informative. The guest blog you write, must help the readers to reach a decision and must not promote any service or the product. Identify the list of the platforms so you can contribute to their guest blogs.

Butter them a bit

Let’s admit that, we all like buttering. Similar is the case with online guest blogging platforms. So, it’s the time that you begin buttering the top platforms. There are many steps to take before you finally send your pitch and buttering them is one of the most effective ones. Here are some effective methods you can choose to do this:

  • Spread some words about the platform on your social media account
  • Post some authentic comments on their blogs
  • And finally, send an email to the guest blog admin

You may include some profile pictures in the email and they’ll make the connection:

Another way to do it is to leave some good comments on their blogs that are already written on the website. Of course it goes without saying that your comments should be thoughtful and legitimate. And finally, you should draft a very good and impressive email with all your information about the platform and your knowledge about the esports industry. It will help you to be determined as an expert in the field, resulting your guest posts to be admired and then published for sure.

Remember that this is foreplay, not the actual pitch. It usually works for most online eSPorts guest blogging platforms, so send them a goof note, for example, to express how much one of their posts made a difference in your life.

Identify topics

If you have good knowledge about the esports industry, you will have some really good ideas about the blogs in mind. Make sure to add these ideas to your pitch email so they know about your information in the industry. Here’s something that will help you with a list of winning topic ideas.

  • The blogging topic should be incredible and unique: fascinating, of course
  • The topic you choose should be relevant to the blog for which it is meant

Make sure to not pitch the website owner with the ideas that are already trending in the market so you look different to others in the industry. Plan on writing a post that’s completely tailored to each blog you write for. And the language, of course, should be different to others and engaging enough to attract the visitors. The guest blog must be written in a way that it attracts more visitors by solving their problems.


Online esport writing is different to other types of blogging. It caters to the particular industry and a very specific types of readers. The content must be prepared in a way that it solves the problems of the readers. This is the only way that more readers will visit your blog and you will get more clicks and visitors to your own website or blog.

Esports blog writing has great potential. All you need is to know how to write for the specific readers so they are more engaged. As a professional author, you must focus on solving the problems of readers and not just focus on writing the blog.

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