Dota 2 Betting Sites, Tips & Bonuses

With a lot of premier tournaments and an amazing worldwide community, Dota 2 is certainly one of the best esports to bet on. For those of us who are fond of places like Dota 2 Lounge, it’s also worthwhile to explore the endless possibilities of betting with real money. It is a regulated, growing industry that enables players to create a passive income using their knowledge acquired from watching countless hours of Dota 2’s many tournaments. Team Gamopo loves Dota and many of us have played the game since the early days of Dota 1 (back in 2004). Regardless of your age, we all share the same life changing experiences:

  • Our parents have all called us “zombies” at one point or another.
  • We all debated games with our friends endlessly.
  • We tirelessly argued about which heroes are the best and whose build is better.

Now, we are ready for the next level. Cashing in on our knowledge with betting.