Match Winner Betting

One of the easier types of esports betting is to wager on the winner of an individual match, also referred to as match winner betting. Similar to traditional sports betting on singular matches, esports bets on the match winner are found in various games such as CSGO, World of Tanks, and Fortnite. (ex. CSGO Match Betting on Winner) For anyone just starting to bet on esports it is probably a good idea to start by betting on individual matches as they take a little less understanding and don’t require as much research as other options.

For the most part betting on a match winner is done before the event starts but in more recent years with the introduction of live in game betting, more bettors have started watching matches online and placing bets while the match is mid game. Live betting on esports has become very popular and is a great way to find value in betting on who will win an individual match. Like all esports betting it will take a certain level of understanding of gameplay and match format to find value betting on match winners.