Parlay Betting

Parlay bets are sometimes referred to as accumulator bets and is an option for a bettor to place multiple bets on different esports outcomes within one bet slip. Parlay bets require all predictions ot be right in order to receive the payout, making them extremely risky and difficult to win. As a rule of thumb parlay bets offer a higher winning payout than multiple exclusive wagers on each market / match. Bettors appreciate parlays for their enormous potential returns. On the off chance bettors place parlay bets on multiple CSGO matches and win, the payout is often quite large and the profits are high considering the amount of money at risk. In some cases the bookmaker will offer insurance for parlay bet slips, and will refund you with free bets if you get one or two of the predictions correct on the bet slip.

It is sufficiently hard to win parlay bets, so in spite of the expanded payouts, as a rule parlays aren’t suggested and in the long term are certainly not profitable. Be that as it may, one great time to utilize parlays is the point at which you see value in multiple outcomes between two teams and the provided odds.

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