Over/Under Betting

OVER/UNDER odds, also known as over/under betting is becoming more and more popular for online bettors all over the world and can be found in various esporting events. Let’s face it, sometimes the competition is very close between two teams and is almost impossible to predict who is going to win or lose; this is where totals betting can come in. After some meticulous research on offensive & defensive trends, weather conditions, or any other variable that may affect the amount of scoring produced by both teams. Instead of choosing which team will win the game, bets are placed on whether the combined score of the game will go “over – more than” or “under – less than” a predetermined total combined score.

Game Total

A game total is a set number of total points expected to be scored in the game. Bookmakers set a total number for the combined scored of both teams and bettors can bet on the game going over or under the predetermined total.

Game totals can be presented in whole number formats, such as 45 for example. When the fame is a whole number, there’s a chance that the total combined points scored in the could be the exact same as the game total. This would be considered a push and the bet would be graded as neither a win nor a lost, with the original bet amount being returned to your account.

How does Totals Betting Work?

Let’s look at an example of using a football match between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Usually for football matches bookmakers will offer odds around a match on whether the match will end with a total of over 2.5 goals scored or under 2.5 goals scored. If you were to bet on the OVER in this scenario you would need both teams to score a combined 3 goals or more in order to win the bet. If you bet on the UNDER than in order to win the bet you would need the combined total of goals to be 2 goals or less.  

Which Esports Offer OVER/UNDER Betting

Totals betting also known as Over/Under betting is applied to most esporting events that bookmakers cover. Some popular markets for over/under betting is CSGO, Fortnite, PUBG, and Fifa 18 betting. This form of betting has gained popularity in the last decade and has alternatively been applied to other scenarios within a match such as the number of corner kicks in a football match or cards handed out. These alternative options can be found in most esports and are a enjoyable prop for esports bettors to consider. Some other good examples of over/under betting is in CSGO bets determining what the total number of kills will be, the number of kills/deaths in PUBG, or sometimes surrounding a well known esports team in a world championship and how many rounds they will win.

Analyzing Past Stats for Over/Under Betting

When considering an over/under bet it is important to understand both the defensive and offensive qualities of a team or player. Just because a player/team has been productive on offence over the last 3 weeks doesn’t necessarily mean you should bet on the over for the next game. Perhaps they were playing weaker opponents, had home field/court/arena advantage, or were simply on a hot streak, analyzing stats from the last 3 weeks isn’t enough to make a confident over/under bet. Yes, recent form should be taken into consideration, but you should conducts a thorough analysis which observes scoring over the last 20+ matches, or even longer.  

Identify Offensive Abilities

Some deeper stats that you might want to take into account when over/under betting is shots on goal vs goals scored to get a shot conversion rate.

Esports Offering Over/Under

CSGO Over/Under Betting

Fortnite Over/Under Betting

Fifa 21 Over/Under Betting

2K18 Over/Under Betting

CSGO Betting Example:

Esports Over/Under line:

Astalis O -125
@ 192
faZe U +110

In this example, the total number of points for a game between the Astalis and faZe is set at 192 points. If the Astalis win the game 99-94, the combined score is 193. If you bet the over in this case, you wager would be a success. However if the Astalis won the game 97-94, the final combined score is 191 and bettors who wagered on the under would win. A total combined score of 192 would be graded as a push and your risk amount would be returned to you.

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