First Kill and First Blood Betting

Most esports betting websites such as and Buff88 offer bettors the option to make bets on which team or player will get the first blood / kill of the match. In order to profit off these types of bets you need to analyze and assess each team/player to know whether they start matches fast or slower than other esports teams.

In order to gather information and assess the gameplay of certain teams be sure to live stream esports like CSGO and Fortnite on Twitch. While it may be time consuming, live streaming esports is one of the best ways to get a feel for teams style of play and help you place winning bets on who will draw the first blood.

As always; Gamopo suggest you do plenty of research on web apps such as Twitch, Reddit, and WWW before placing these types of bets. CSGO first kill betting is one of the most popular forms of CSGO betting and by far the most bet on esports game in the world for this prop category.