Blast Global Finals 2022

BLAST announced that it will make a series of changes to the BLAST Global Final in 2022, including the opening of qualifiers for Asia and Oceania, as well as changes to the system of other regions. The BLAST Global Finals will be held from January 18th to 24th,  with a total prize of 1 million USD will be held.  The system for determining participating teams has been modified and improved.

Blast is one of the leading CSGO tournaments on the calendar each year with 2021 looking no different. This up coming seasons has one of the largest prize pools ever off $2.48m

The 2022 BLAST Global Final will also be divided into two seasons-spring and autumn, each season consists of three stages: group (formerly known as BLAST Premier series), the showdown, and finals. Due to the continuing spread of the epidemic, it is still unclear when the game will return offline.

The BLAST Premier group stage will be attended by 12 BLAST partner clubs. Who can enter the showdown or finals is determined by their performance. Both games will be open to all regions through qualifiers, but BLAST said that the spring games “will be concentrated in the Americas and Europe”, while the fall games “will be concentrated in Europe, Asia, and Oceania

.”Blast Final 2021

Format of Blast Global Final 2022

In 2021, in order to prevent the participating teams other than the 12 cooperative teams from returning empty-handed, BLAST announced that as long as they are participating teams, they will eventually receive a participation fee.

Among all the changes in BLAST in 2021, the biggest change is the way that BLAST year-end finals places are obtained. Only the champion teams of the spring and autumn finals can directly get the places for the year-end finals. There are four of the remaining six places.

The following is the tentative schedule of BLAST Premier 2022:

Spring Groups – $150,000 (February 4-14)

Spring Showdown – $162,500 (April 13-18)

Spring Final – $425,000 (June 15-20)

Fall Groups – $150,000 (August 26-September 5)

Fall Showdown – $162,500 (October 12-17)

Fall Final – $425,000 (November 23-28)

World Final – $1,000,000 (December 14-19)

Participating Teams

The invitation of participating teams is determined in accordance with the BLAST ranking, which takes into account the team’s performance in a series of top events held in 2022, including ESL games and FLASHPOINT.

There are a total of eight participating teams in the BLAST Premier Global Finals, and currently, six have locked up their qualifications. The last two teams will be determined by the end of this year.

Astralis defeated BIG and advanced to the BLAST Fall Finals. Although they lost to Vitality in the finals and won the runner-up, they already have the qualifications to participate in the BLAST Global Finals.

Complexity, Vitality, and EG are the first teams to qualify for the global finals. They each won the highest term in the spring finals in June, and NaVi advanced through the cumulative points on the BLAST standings.

The following is a list of confirmed teams:

Complexity – BLAST Premier Spring Europe Finals

Vitality – BLAST Premier Spring Europe Finals

Evil Geniuses – BLAST Premier Spring NA Finals

Natus Vincere – BLAST leaderboard

Astralis – BLAST Premier Fall Finals

G2 – BLAST leaderboard

There are five teams still vying for the last two places in this tournament, they are: FURIA, OG, Liquid, Heroic and BIG. If any of them wins the last top event of the year-IEM Global Challenge, then they will directly get the spot.