9 Craziest Winning Odds We Saw at IEM Oakland (Worth 5 Million!)

Four random CSGO maps, with "5 Million" written over it.

Another day, another exciting tournament wrapped up. Simply put, IEM Oakland 2016 was a blast.

We blazed through the playoffs, staying up all night and tracking everything that was going on in the community. To recap:

  • The mighty NiP are back in style, after a three month break. They won the tournament (along with a $125,000 check) by defeating SK in the finals (2-1).
  • The tournament MVP is f0rest from NiP, despite the strong competition by Coldzera and Taco, who both played incredibly well throughout the entire event.
  • The next stop for our CSGO addiction is ELeague, which will prove as a revenge platform for teams who found themselves disappointed. Expect SK to pick up the pace there as well.

Like all exciting events, this one certainly didn’t lack surprises. The groups were a complete turmoil — Astralis and FaZe took the lead in Groups A and B, followed by Immortals, G2, SK and NiP.

SK essentially breezed to the finals. They lost only one map prior to finals — Nuke vs G2 in the Round 6, but they quickly found their mojo again and dominated Train and Dust. Even though their matchup with Astralis seemed easier on paper, maps were quite interesting but SK eventually defeated them in both Train and Mirage.

On the other hand, NiP found their toughest playoff form against Faze in the semis. They went into overtime on the first map, scoring an important lead and eventually soldering on to secure a 2-1 victory.

Since Train was the first map in the finals, NiP instantly knew that they will need to make a turnaround. SK is just so dominant on Train that NiP had to clutch both Cobblestone and Cache, playing a total of 60 rounds in 2 final maps.

Needless to say, in such an exciting tournament, we are bound to see some crazy odds come through. Mainly due to Heroic going on an unexplained rampage mode.

Without further ado, here are 9 craziest winning odds we saw at IEM Oakland:

NiP to win the whole tournament — 10.00


SK first to 5 rounds vs NiP1.90


Faze Clan to win vs. SK Gaming — 2.72


NiP to win vs Faze – 1.60


Heroic to win vs SK Gaming – 4.40


Heroic to win vs Mousesports – 2.50


Immortals to win vs Na’Vi – 2.17


Faze to win vs SK Gaming – 2.75


Team Liquid to win vs Na’Vi – 2.54


Just in case you were wondering, if you were to create a parlay (combo) bet out of these 9 bets and invest just 10€, you would wake up on Monday with 5,224,666€ in your pocket.

And that’s enough for a lifetime supply of Karambit Fade.


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