Fantasy Sports is most popular around certain sports like NFL, NBA, Football, and Hockey. However, fantasy has been introduced to esports with CSGO events becoming hugely popular for CSGO events. Bookmakers such as GG.Bet and DraftKings are leading the way when it comes to fantasy leagues.

Procedure is fairly simple. You will be presented with every player available on certain tournament/matches. Sometimes you will be limited by the salary cap, while in most of cases there will be no limit.

Logically, better players who are able to win more duels and put in the hard work will cost a lot more, preventing players from forming a superstar fantasy roster. That is the case for salary cap pools.

On the other hand, other less regulated fantasy pools will allow you to build your team without any restrictions. However, there is a restriction that applies to both of these fantasy drafts. You can only select two players from the same team.

Of course, there are always free pools and ones with rewards. Esp.bet will offer real money and great skins, while DraftKings is strictly focused on real money. CSGO fantasy leagues are a great way to be involved for free and for fun. If you feel like making a bet for real check out csgo betting sites for the best odds.