IEM Gyeonggi: We’re Taking Over Football Stadiums Now!

Goyang arena in South Korea, riddled with lightning bolt and logos of League of Legends, Stacraft 2 and Overwatch.




Just a sec…

Gyeonggi is a province in South Korea with a population of over 12 million.

11,5 million of those are apparently professional gamers but there are a few that are not into gaming, as I’ve heard.

For the uneducated ones, South Korea is the biggest shrine of our world.

A place where gamers go on a pilgrimage and pay respects to the legends, such as Faker, Mvp, Life and several others.

It is also a place that is soon to be the epicentre of ESL’s LoL, SC 2 and Overwatch tournament — IEM Gyeonggi 2016.

Let’s face it — ESL always seems to be on the lookout for the next best venue. Somewhere, deep in their underground headquarters, I’m sure they are probably secretly planning to take over the world, city by city, game by game.

And I can’t blame them.

They have done more to promote eSports in general than any other organization on the planet, including the game developers themselves.

But the reason I’m so excited about IEM Gyeonggi is this:

8 LoL teams, head to head, in the first ever Asian stadium event.

Here is a graphic of the group placements I did to describe my excitement.


At this point, I’d usually do a statistical breakdown of each team’s recent performance, but I think that would be unnecessary right now, as there are plenty of things going on with the teams.

Most importantly — Team Liquid.  

There was a lot of hype around their brand new roster…

And lots of speculations who these two mystery players are. Piglet and Reignover, khm.

Obviously, we are all anxious to see Team Liquid’s new roster in action. As for their stats, they currently have 4 losses in a row, after losing to EnvyUS in the NA LCS Regional Qualifier in September.

However, as it can be seen in their latest YouTube video, the guys are pretty motivated for what’s to come.

Obviously, their main concern is the upcoming NA LCS 2017 and IEM Gyeonggi is the perfect opportunity to set a baseline for their boot camp.

Another team that seems motivated by this tournament is Samsung Galaxy.

The runner-ups to the SKT1 have replaced ROX Tigers in the IEM Gyeonggi line-up and will definitely want to claim this win in their home country.

According to my statistics, their form is on the upward trajectory and their performance in the Worlds was nothing short of amazing.

Tournament Winner (Only For Betting Bro’s)

This is not going to be groundbreaking.

Here are the odds for outright tournament winners:


Betway eSports banner, with a 30 euro free bet offer

The big question here is:

Can someone upset Samsung Galaxy?

That’s up to you to decide but my opinion is that the odd on Team Liquid is way too good to pass up.

Either way, I’m excited to ask you the following question:

Who will win IEM Gyeonggi and why?

Leave your quick reply in the comments below.