Luckbox Free Bets

Luckbox is always there to make watching and betting on esports events easy, and now they are here with a fantastic treat. The biggest League of Legends event is approaching, and they have prepared a Worlds 2020 Free Bet festival, allowing you to take advantage of the best free bets on the market!

All esports fans have a chance to get their hands on a wide variety of free bets so they can bet for free on their favorite sports. This is a big event, so make sure you’re following Luckbox on Twitter, where you’ll get more information on how free betting works and where you can get your own free bets.

Worlds 20/20

Part of the event is already here, and you can get a $20 free bet deposit bonus by making a $20 first deposit at any point between September 21 and October 31.

Betting for free is simple with this Worlds 2020 deposit free bets offer — all you need to do is make a $20 deposit and you’ll get $20 for free to place a free bet on any market you want. Naturally, you can only do this once during this free bet period. Note that regular terms and conditions still apply.

The free bet offer is available to both regular and new customers. If you are a new player, simply create an account on Luckbox and make a deposit. The risk-free bet will be awarded to you within 24 hours.

Worlds 2020 Week One Free Bet

The first week of the Free Bet event features another great free first bet offer. If you bet at least $10 on any of the available Worlds 2020 matches, you will get an equal $10 free bet! Naturally, you will have to use your existing funds from the account to place the $10 bet, not free bets you gained from some other bet offers.

Terms and conditions apply to this offer as well, but there are no sports betting wagering requirements you need to worry about.

If you miss any of the deposit offers or some other free bet offers, you will still be able to get more out of this event, as new offers will come soon. Once again, make sure you follow Luckbox on Twitter, so you don’t miss them! These are some genuinely great risk-free offers you can’t get on other esports betting sites.


Intel Extreme Masters Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Prize Pool

As usual, players and their teams don’t actually participate in the IEM CS: GO tournament, so they may win the 1st place and gain the admiration that comes with it. That’s just one of the two main goals here. The other one is the total prize pool of $500,000. Here’s how it’s divided among the teams according to the final ranking they achieve at the event.:

  • 1st place — $250,000
  • 2nd place — $100,000
  • 3rd-4th place — $40,000
  • 5th-6th place — $15,000
  • 7th-8th place — $7,000
  • 9th-12th place — $4,000
  • 13th-16th place — $2,500

Worlds 2020 Betting Options

Many types of free bet offers are and will be available at this amazing event, which is why this is definitely one of the best ways to place free sports bets in 2020.

Luckbox casino has made sure you get the chance to use these free bets on a wide variety of betting markets. You’ll be able to enjoy pre-match betting, in-play betting with live streams, and a lot more.

Here are some of the best and most popular options to bet on:

  • Match winner — The most popular Worlds 2020 bet type is the match winner bet. The point here is to predict who will win the match, and you can bet both pre-match and in-play. Most matches at this event are either best-of-one or best-of-five.
  • Correct score — As the name suggests, you will have to predict the exact score of the match to win this bet.
  • Map advantage — You can place this bet for any best-of-five match, and it will give a virtual advantage to the team you’re betting on. In essence, a handicap of sorts.
  • Kills advantage — This type of bet on which you can use your free bets is similar to the map advantage one. However, in this case, you are giving a virtual advantage or disadvantage in the number of kills to one of the teams.
  • First blood — As the name of the bet suggests, you’ll have to guess who will score first blood in a match.
  • First 10 kills — You can also use your free bets to guess which team will make the first 10 kills on a map.
  • Most kills — If you want to use some of the free bets on this type of bet, you will have to predict which team will get the most kills on a map.
  • Total kills — The point of this bet is to guess the number of kills of a team during the match. You can choose an over or under bet.
  • Team to destroy — There are four types of team-to-destroy bets — you can bet on the team destroying Inhibitor, Dragon, Baron, or Tower on a given map during the match.