After almost three weeks in the tournament, we had our two finalists of VCT 2023: Lock In. It was Fnatic vs LOUD at the grand finals of VCT 2023: Lock In. Did the winners of Valorant Champions 2022 pick up another title or did Fnatic complete their dream run? Let’s find out more!

Fnatic vs LOUD



  • Erick ‘aspas‘ Santos
  • Felipe ‘Less‘ Basso
  • Matias ‘saadhak‘ Delipetro
  • Cauan ‘cauanzin‘ Pereira
  • Arthur ‘tuyz‘ Vieira


  • Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett
  • Nikita ‘Derke‘ Sirmitev
  • Emir ‘Alfajer‘ Ali Beder
  • Leo ‘Leo‘ Jannesson
  • Timofey ‘Chronicle‘ Khromov

Map Picks & Bans

  • LOUD banned Haven
  • FNC banned Pearl
  • LOUD picked Ascent
  • FNC picked Fracture
  • LOUD picked Split
  • FNC picked Lotus
  • Icebox remained

The Series

Map 1 (Ascent)

Ascent started with LOUD on attack. But it was Fnatic that picked up the first two pistol rounds with a retake on the first. LOUD responded but only for a while as they won the next two rounds. Fnatic then picked up the next five rounds including two successful retakes. The first half ended 8-4 in favor of Fnatic. It was LOUD at the start of the second half that won the first two pistols. But Fnatic kept their cool and closed out their first map 13-8. Eventually, it was Fnatic winning LOUD’s first map pick. It was Leo that put up a stellar performance for Fnatic vs LOUD in the first map.

Map 2 (Fracture)

Fracture was the second map in the series of LOUD vs Fnatic. Fnatic, yet again, picked up the first two rounds starting on attack. The first half was crazy with both teams not allowing the other to consistently win rounds. The first half of the second map ended 6-6. The second half started in favor of Fnatic yet again as they won the pistols. LOUD could show little resistance in the second half as Fnatic kept on seeing out rounds. The second map ended 13-7 in favor of Fnatic as they were now up 2-0 in the series. Just one more map win and they win the title!

Map 3 (Split)

It was LOUD on attack again as the match started on Split. LOUD showed nothing but resilience and courage in the first half. While Fnatic tried to break them down, LOUD seemed to be formidable. The first half ended 7-5 in favor of LOUD. LOUD maintained their consistency winning the first three rounds of the second half as well including two defuses. Fnatic tried to make a comeback into the map but it was too little, too late. LOUD put down a few more successful defuses and won the map 13-9. It was none other than Less that put up a show on Split.

Map 4 (Lotus)

It was time for the battleground to be Valorant’s latest map. At this point, Fnatic had been accustomed to winning the opening pistol rounds. And they did it yet again! But this time, they followed it up winning round three too. LOUD, however, decided to put their game faces on. They won six rounds straight with absolute ease. Fnatic could barely respond as the first half finished 7-5 in favor of LOUD. Fnatic started the second half well, leveling the score at 7-7 by winning the pistols. But this time, it was LOUD that taught Fnatic a thing or two about retakes. Half of the rounds they won in the second half were retakes. Eventually, LOUD won the map 13-8. It was now onto Icebox- the decider map.

Map 5 (Icebox)

When it was needed the most, LOUD won the first two pistols on Icebox. Fnatic managed to win the third round by resisting a plant from LOUD. But it was not nearly enough as LOUD steamrolled over Fnatic in the first half. LOUD won the first half on a scoreline of 9-3. LOUD started the second half winning the pistols as well. But then, the unthinkable happened. Never in LOUD’s wildest dreams could they think of a Fnatic comeback. Fnatic screamed aggression as they won not one… not two…. but nine rounds straight. With LOUD picking up a much-needed round, it was now time for the only overtime of the night.

LOUD started on attack this time in overtime. In the first round of overtime, both Derke and Aspas made a statement but it was Leo that had the last laugh killing aspas and winning the first round. It was Fnatic on attack this time. A calm and collected push into the B site saw Fnatic bulldozing over the LOUD roster. And with that, Fnatic won Icebox and consequently, the VCT 2023: Lock In.

For Chronicle, it’s the first time ever that a player has lifted two Valorant trophies. Nothing but ecstasy for Boaster as well as he finally lifts up a trophy.

It’s been three weeks since the Valorant Champions 2022 kicked off. After 33 intense matches, we have finally witnessed the grand final between LOUD and OpTic Gaming. With the finals now done and dusted, the action surely lived up to the hype of the finals. How did the maps turn out? Keep on reading to find out only at Gamopo!

LOUD vs OpTic

LOUD and OpTic Gaming have faced each other a total of five times before, of which the latter has won thrice. This gives OpTic Gaming a slight edge over LOUD.



  • Matias “saadhak” Delipetro (IGL)
  • Erick “aspas” Santos
  • Felipe “Less” Basso
  • Bryan “pANcada” Luna
  • Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi

OpTic Gaming

  • Pujan “FNS” Mehta (IGL)
  • Victor “Victor” Wong
  • Austin “crashies” Roberts
  • Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker
  • Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen

Map Picks

  • LOUD ban Pearl and Fracture
  • LOUD pick Ascent
  • OPTC pick Bind
  • LOUD pick Breeze
  • OPTC pick Haven
  • Icebox remains

The Series

Map 1 (Ascent)

The first map of the grand finals began at Ascent. LOUD started off the map just the way they wanted picking up the first two pistol rounds. OpTic then began a scary streak of winning six straight rounds with some filthy plays from yay. The first half ended 7-5 in favor of OpTic. In the second half, it was OpTic that picked up the pistol rounds. LOUD picked up some pace winning the next three rounds but OpTic responded well…. for a while. LOUD made a comeback right after forcing the game to be taken to an overtime. The overtime was just as nail-biting and LOUD took the first map home 15-13.

Map 2 (Bind)

OpTic needed to make a statement on Bind and their start surely did. They picked up the first four rounds without a sweat. LOUD responded but only for a few rounds. OpTic ended the first half well in their favor ending it 10-2. LOUD recollected themselves and started the second half of the map really well. They won the first four rounds and looked to make a comeback. But with only two rounds needed to pick up the map, OpTic picked up the pieces and won Bind.

Map 3 (Breeze)

LOUD’s map pick didn’t start in their favor at all. Without a sweat, OpTic picked up the first five rounds with ease. LOUD made a solid comeback though with the first half ending 6-6. All hell broke loose in the second half of Breeze. Both teams kept going back and forth and both teams barely picked up consecutive rounds. The scores were 12-12 and it went to yet another overtime. Both teams went neck and neck in overtime but in the end, LOUD took their second win 16-14. LOUD was now one map away from being crowned the victors of Valorant Champions 2022.

Map 4 (Haven)

OpTic’s pick of Haven started very, very well for LOUD. The boys from South America not only picked up the pistols but the bonus round as well. First half did not fail to deliver the expected level of action as it ended 7-6 in favor of LOUD. The second half started with LOUD steamrolling over the entire roster of OpTic. OpTic couldn’t pick up a single round in defense as they fell prey to LOUD’s aggressiveness. In the end, LOUD won the map and the series 3-1.

Well, good news for Brazil fans as the trophy finally comes home as LOUD have been crowned Valorant champions. All we look forward to now is VCT 2023!


We finally draw the curtains on the group stage of Valorant Champions 2022. There may be only 8 teams left but the playoffs are surely gonna be a long one. With day 1 set to start soon, check out our predictions for the winners of Valorant Champions 2022 Playoffs day 1!

DRX vs FunPlus Phoenix

We have Korea vs EMEA to kick off the upper bracket quarter finals. DRX had eased past group D picking up 2-0 wins against Furia and 100 Thieves. FPX didn’t have as smooth a sail as they were 2nd in group C and had to defeat KRU last night in a decider match. They put up a brilliant performance and earned themselves a worthy spot in the playoffs.

The two teams faced each other only twice before with both teams picking up a win each. The last match was a 2-0 win for FPX at Masters Copenhagen. FPX has a better form winning 3 out of their last 4 matches in all competitions whereas FunPlus won 2. FPX just played a match last night against KRU, so they’re getting no time to rest which might impact player performance a bit. At the grandest stage in all of Valorant, experience matters. And it is undoubtedly FunPlus Phoenix that has more experience in the international stage.

This is a tough one to call but it should be a win for FunPlus Phoenix.

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Leviatan vs LOUD

Things are about to get extra hot at South America as the boys from Chile take on LOUD. Leviatan certainly impressed everyone during the group stage picking up rather comfortable wins against Paper Rex and Team Liquid. LOUD put up an impressive performance in group B only conceding to OpTic Gaming. ZETA, unfortunately, had to face their wrath twice.

Leviatan has a better record in recent competitive matches and they have faced better opponents as well. LOUD only picked up two wins in the last five matches, both of them coming against the same team that is ZETA. The two teams have never faced each other before despite being from the same continent.

No one can say for sure who’s winning between these two but we’re slightly giving the edge to Leviatan for their mindblowing performance at the group stage.

That’s it from us for our day 1 playoffs predictions at the Valorant Champions 2022. Who do you have your money on?