The Right Approach to eSports Betting

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Betting system (or a betting strategy) is a strategic plan of tasks that we take when preparing a certain bet, be it on singles or multiples.

Betting strategies exist ever since the birth of betting and they consist of a set of actions, all created to outsmart and outplay the bookmakers.

But do they actually work?

Before we go on to the actual tips, let me just tell you one thing real quick. No matter what betting system you use (or how much you paid for it) there will always be an element of luck in your betting.

The reason I am telling you this is because there are systems online that charge ridiculous amounts of money for something that does not guarantee you long term profit.

Or, really, anything of that matter.

Since we got that settled, I will try to use my expertise in eSports betting and explain what works and what doesn’t and how you can use these simple hacks in your eSports betting adventures.

I will not give you a “specific strategy” because I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all strategy that works that well.

Instead, I will share some things that you should try to acknowledge and let you figure out what works and what doesn’t. If you are smart (and you are since you are reading this), you will surely come up with a way to integrate all of this into your routine.

Let’s jump right in.

#1) Have Common Sense

The main trait I would advise you to develop, at all times, is the good ole’ common sense.

What I mean by this is to not let your friends tell you what is their safe bet of the day and how they have a tip that Fnatic is going to breeze through to the ELeague finals easily.

What you should do, instead, is use common sense to assess all fixtures, study the statistics and see what can happen realistically.

Another thing to take note of is to NEVER trust the “fixed match” tipsters that you hear about all the time.

These are con artists that make a living off charging people money for tips about some shady match-ups that are supposed to be fixed.

They attract people through catchy messages on social media, like “I have a CSGO match tip you should put your money on” and then you find yourself wasting 200€ on a team you haven’t even heard of.

By all means, avoid these scammers, please.

#2) Study, Study, Study

If you were a poor student, like myself, you probably have a sour face at the very mention of the word “study”, in all its forms.

However, unlike the real studying, studying eSports is not that difficult.

If you want to bet profitably you’ll need to pick a game that you like and sign up to every single news outlet there is. I’ll give you an example:

I now mainly bet on Dota 2 and CSGO, because I’ve been playing both for a long time and I like watching the matches.

So, in order to track the latest news, I went to Twitter search and typed in the hashtags for all key stakeholders (players and tournaments) that I’m interested in.

Once I got the individual search results I went into “More options” and “Save this search”.

Now, every time I log into Twitter, I click on that little magnifying glass and find my saved searches. This gives me the latest information on the game that I’m betting on, at all times.

You can do this for every single game or a tournament, since they are pretty quick to publish an update regarding anything.

So the next time when you go to place a bet, you’ll know every single detail about the player form and that will definitely increase your chances of winning.

#3) Track Everything

When I started betting, I never wrote anything down. I deposited like a maniac and then used my winnings to take my girl out on a date (yes, girls like gamers now) or buy a new pair of shoes.

But let me ask you this: if a businessman invests 3 million into one venture and then earns 4 million, should he keep investing or squander everything on strippers and whiskey?

Even though many of you will say “yeah, strippers and whiskey, woohoo”, I presume that the common sense would be to invest a portion of those winnings into a new bet.

That is precisely why it’s smart to start writing everything down, as soon as possible.

Open a spreadsheet and create a table with events  you are betting on as well as everything related to finances — how much money you’ve spent vs how much you’ve won.

All of that will give you relevant statistical data over time and you’ll probably find out that betting on a certain league gives you a 10% larger return on investment than, let’s say, NA LCS.

#4) Have a Laugh

I can tell you right this moment, that I would immediately stop betting if I stopped having fun.

I have been betting semi-casually for over a decade, on sports and then eSports in the past couple of years. It has been nothing but fun.

Do not let yourself get addicted to a thing that’s only supposed to make watching games even more exciting. Which brings me to my main point.

#5) Always Bet on Matches That You Would Watch Anyway

This is really important and it’s also something that not a lot of people do.

Betting on matches that you watch gives you a whole new perspective on your favorite game and it also makes you a super fan of that team, at least during that 3 round period.

#6) Singles or Multiples

Another concern that many players have is the age old question of “Is it more profitable to bet singles or multiples?”. The answer is both.

Bet with large volume on singles, when you’ve thoroughly studied the match-up and you’re feeling confident that you can hit that odd of 2.00 pretty easily.

Doubling your money is not a small thing to accomplish.

On the other hand, you can use multiples if there is a great round in store, like it is often a case with larger leagues.

When you do play multiples, make sure not to go over 3-4 fixtures per betting slip.

That is more than enough and adding more games will largely diminish your chances of winning. As I’ve said earlier, hitting a single is hard enough, imagine having to hit 5 in a row.

There you go guys, a few honest and actionable tips that you can use right now to improve your betting.

Have fun and be sure to send us your craziest bets, so we can publish them on our Twitter and Facebook. May the odds be in your favor!



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