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What would betting be without good old statistics?

Whether you have been betting on CSGO from the early days or you switched over from regular sports betting there is only one true way of preparing a bet — through statistics.

Now, I am not taking intuition out of the equation. We all know how important sixth sense is when it comes to eSports, but in a market as volatile as this, it would be better to just burn your money straight away than to place a bet only if you have a hunch that one team will win.

Because, let’s face it, not even the bookies yet have a good way of predicting a match winner. So, how can we?

We can — by analyzing the statistical performance and form. See, my background is in regular sports betting and the most bulletproof way of predicting match winners in football is to analyze their form and see their head to head statistics. Fortunately enough, we can get all that information for planning csgo betting efforts as well.

1) GosuGamers

GosuGamers holds one of the most updated eSports databases on this whole green planet.

They have an amazing CS:GO section as well, which lets you see the current form of the teams, their win/loss streak and a list of the top ranked teams according to their historical performance.


HLTV is a proprietary website for CSGO news, which can also be used to track the latest leaderboards and player ratings. The big deal with HLTV is that they have probably the most detailed statistical information which lets you dive into the fine details, such as:

  • Which player plays which map the best
  • What is the team’s kill/death and win/loss ratio
  • What’s their MVP player

And much more. The best thing about it is that it’s actually free, with no hidden costs.

3) CSGO Hub

CSGO Hub is a place where you can get betting suggestions for free or pay a monthly membership to get them days upfront. The choice is yours. However, this can be pretty useful when you can’t decide between two teams and you want to get a second opinion. Sites like these have been pretty popular with the CSGOLounge crowd but they will definitely find their purpose in the real money betting world, as well.

4) CSGO Trends

I found this website completely by accident and it has been irreplaceable in my csgo match betting efforts. Even though the website does not look representative or modern, it does one important thing extremely well. It lets you see the direct head-to-head statistics for any two teams. That’s like the hand of midas when it comes to betting.

So, there you guys, 4 websites that can be extremely useful when you’re working on that perfect betting slip. Let’s crush the odds.

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