The Boston Major 2016 — Full Team Performance Breakdown

Skyline of Boston downtown, painted in Green, with a Dota 2 logo on top.

Dota 2 is coming to Boston with a hefty $3,000,000 prize pool and so we had to follow it up with your favorite piece of content and find out what the stats say for each team’s performance.

Before you go on to the table, take a look at some quick facts to get you prepped:

  • Game format is best of 3
  • Finals are best of 5
  • The three main favorites for winning the tournament (according to bookies) are Wings, Virtus Pro and Newbee
  • There have been crazy odds for tournament winners all over the place and they are easily summed up on the image below


Since the table below provides you with information that you can use while betting on every single match, there are a few abbreviations that you’ll need to learn. Here is a quick legend:

Form Ratio — Ratio of total wins and losses in the past 2 months. According to our analyses, this is an excellent predictor of team’s performance and it can help you decide which team is on a role and which one is not.

Win, Draw, Loss — The specific number of wins, draws and losses in the past 2 months.

Last 5 — Outcomes of the team’s last 5 matches, chronologically ordered from left to right. The latest match is on the far left. If a team is on fire, you’ll see it here (Virtus Pro, khm).

Win Rate — The percentage of won matches, due the entire course of that team’s existence.

NOTE: if you’re on your mobile, flip it sideways to show the entire table. 

Team Form Ratio W/D/L Last 5 Win Rate
1. Wings Gaming 2.5 10/5/4 LWLWW 58%
2. Digital Chaos 1.0 3/0/3 LWLWW 63%
3. Evil Geniuses 2.6 13/0/5 LWWLW 63%
4. Newbee 3.6 18/3/5 WWWDD 60%
5. EHOME 0.7 10/5/14 LLLLW 51%
6. Execration 2.4 12/0/5 WWWDL 52%
7. OG 1.5 9/0/6 LWLWW 66%
8. MVP Phoenix 0.3 3/1/8 LLLDL 50%
9. Team NP 2.0 24/3/12 LWLWL 67%
10. compLexity 1.0 12/0/12 LLLLW 52%
11. LGD.Forever Young 1.5 19/7/12 LWLWL 55%
12. iG Vitality 1.5 17/6/11 LDDDW 54%
13. Ad Finem 0.8 13/2/15 LLLWL 53%
14. 7.0 28/2/4 WWWWW 51%
15. Team Faceless 12.0 24/1/2 LLWWW 89%
16. WarriorsGaming.Unity 2.0 18/1/9 WWWLW 63%
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What’s the deal with this table?

We bet on eSports regularly and statistical breakdowns like this one are a part of our usual strategy.

Starting with IEM Oakland, we decided to share this information with our community and, after receiving such an amazing feedback, we went on and did the same thing for the Boston Major.

The main purpose of statistics is to take advantage of poorly calculated odds.

Since bookies are still struggling to calculate the proper odds for eSports, there are a variety of ways in which you can outsmart them.

Having each team’s performance breakdown on your hands is just one of those ways.

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