5 Best Skrill Betting Sites for 2017

best skrill betting sites

When it comes to the best Skrill betting sites, I’m sure you’ve had more than enough spammy recommendations for two lifetimes. I feel you, many bettors are interested in betting with Skrill and who wouldn’t: faster processing times when cashing out, lower minimum deposits and increased account security are very tempting reasons to forget about that credit card.

However, picking a website is difficult. Let me tell you why:

Many betting sites do not have the same conditions for Skrill bettors and the information you get online is simply not enough to make a good decision where to place your money. I mean, it is your money we’re talking about here.

Benefits of using Skrill for betting

When you first open a betting account you are looking for security and ease of use.  Why?

Because at this point, you don’t really trust anyone. I went through the same thing… When I first got started with online betting I used my credit card to deposit & withdraw funds. This was fun and easy at first but then I soon realized that I am spending far more money than I originally planned.

This is because I used my regular payment system — the stuff I use for everyday shopping like groceries and petrol. And let me tell you: that was a bad, bad decision.

One of the biggest beginner mistakes you can make is not have a separate account for betting. The solution? Skrill.

Second biggest reason why you want to use Skrill is because you are instantly entitled to faster processing times when it comes to withdrawing your funds. Several payment methods have processing times between 2-10 days and with Skrill, you can usually get your funds in 24 hours (depending on the betting operator).

Third reason why you want to use Skrill is your account security. Why would a betting site need your personal bank account?

With Skrill, you can just set aside the amount you want to use for betting each month or each week, and then go on about with your regular business.

So, to recap…when you use Skrill for online betting:

  • You get faster processing times when withdrawing funds from betting sites
  • You get a separate bank account for betting
  • You increase your privacy by not registering with your private bank account
  • You get exclusive bonuses (here and there)
  • You get a MasterCard that you can use just like any other card

Now on to the real deal.

Best Skrill Betting Sites for 2017

#5) Ladbrokes

On the outside, Ladbrokes has it all:

Great bonus, decent customer support, intuitive interface, support for many games and yes — you can use it with Skrill.

This operator is based in London and they’ve been around since 1999. Importantly, they’ve stood the test of time and currently have one of the biggest user bases in the UK.

Here is their offer:

Sign up using Skrill, deposit 50£ and get a 50£ bonus. Afterwards, the minimum deposits start from £5. All deposits are instantly transferred and the withdrawal processing time for Skrill is 6 hours (which is one of the fastest processing times we’ve seen).

#4) TipBet

TipBet is also an extremely reputable operator, that’s been a dependable destination for bettors since 1995. They are based in Malta and operate under the Malta Gaming Authority.

Its strong points are definitely the two amazing bonuses they offer (at least they give you a choice) and a completely free live stream for all registered customers. Also, in-play betting is a pretty welcome deal if you ask me.

Here is what TipBet offers for new Skrill players…

Dual bonus deal that works like this:

100% and 200% welcome bonus.

The 100% welcome bonus is activated like this — deposit 100€ and receive a bonus of 100€.

The 200% welcome bonus — deposit 25€ and get a bonus of 50€.

If you deposit up to 25€ you receive a 200% welcome bonus, and if you deposit between 25€-100€, you receive a 100% welcome bonus.

Additionally, the withdrawal processing time is instant and the customer support is a decent 4 out of 5.

#3) Bet365

Where would the betting world be without our beloved Bet365? I seriously  can’t remember how many times I’ve watched football matches on their graphical stream.

Anyway, Bet365 is one of the world’s most reliable and famous sportsbooks. They are famous for not being involved in scandals and also for respecting their players.

Here is what Bet365 offers for Skrill bettors.

If you sign up with Skrill you can get a 100% bonus on your deposit, which goes to a maximum of 100€. Withdrawal processing time for Skrill is up to 24 hours, which is up to par with all the leading operators. Also, I have to commend their customer support as they’ve replied to our test query in just a couple of hours (among the top we’ve tested).

#2) William Hill 

William Hill is a British betting legacy. This operator has been in business since 1934 and has since served tens of millions of users.

They also let you play with Skrill and their upside is that they cover lots of matches and sports, sport great withdrawal times and have one of the best customer support teams I’ve ever seen.

Here is what they offer if you sign up with Skrill:

When you sign up and deposit 10€, you will get 20€ instantly accredited to your account. The minimum deposit is, afterwards, 5€ and the withdrawal processing times are instant.

#1) Betway

Finally, Betway is one of my favorite sportsbooks and the one I’ve been using for over 2 years. The biggest reason behind that is their interface is extremely intuitive and it’s really easy to jump from creating your regular, analytical betting slip to in-play hedge bets, if you need to.

They are known to be a dependable operator and they are also completely licensed in Great Britain.

When you sign up with Skrill:

You get a 100% match-up bonus on your first deposit of 30€ and you can expect a withdrawal processing time of 1 day, but this largely depends on your country of residence.

So there you go guys, I hope you’ll manage to find a betting operator that suits your Skrill habits the best and be sure to check out the websites I recommended.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback once you’ve done so:

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