Gamopo News Digest: 10 eSports News in 2017 [Jan-Mar]

gamopo news digest january march 2017

All things considered, 2017 in eSports has kicked off just right. Don’t get me wrong — we are still getting warmed up for the biggest tournaments of the year, despite the fact that we’ve already seen some pretty big things happening in the industry.

In today’s post, we are going to go over some of the more interesting things that have shaped this year so far, so let’s jump right in.

1) Astralis continued their great form from 2016

One of my biggest surprises this year is the fact that Astralis managed to continue with their upward form in 2017. They won two titles in just two months — ELEAGUE Major and IEM Katowice and went to semi finals at DreamHack.

2) FaZe acquired Niko for their CSGO roster

As if CSGO is not already on the rise, both mainstream and niche media outlets were additionally excited to announce that Niko is going to FaZe. Needless to say, this means a lot to both Niko and FaZe, as the Bosnian rifler was not able to achieve his maximum potential with the current mousesports roster in place.

3) Valve continued with their skin betting crackdown

After their initial crackdown on CSGO skin betting sites, Valve started applying the same formula to Team Fortress betting sites, all in the hope of not letting that industry develop too. We are still not completely sure what is going on currently with CSGO skin betting, even though a lot of the sites are still fully operational.

4) Trump’s visa restrictions may be a problem for Dota 2

Donald Trump’s election rocked a lot of people, but it can also rock the world of eSports – in particular Dota 2. Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell said that this year’s The International will maybe have to be moved out of US. Whether this will, in fact, happen, we still have to wait and see.

5) Valve announced which 8 teams they invited to Dota 2 Kiev Major

At the end of April 2017, we will see the second Dota 2 Major of the season take place. This time we are going to Kiev and we can expect the total prize pool to be over $3 million. So far, the invited teams are: OG, Ad Finem, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Digital Chaos, Wings Gaming, Newbee and Team VG.J.

6) Digital Chaos won ESL One Genting

North American Dota 2 superstars, Digital Chaos, have finally gotten their break in Premier Dota 2 tournaments when they overpowered Newbee 3-2 in a dramatic finals match. They walked away with $125,00 and a great start of the year.

7) Riot Games won a $10 million lawsuit

Riot Games won a huge lawsuit against LeagueSharp, a service that lets you cheat in League of Legends matches. Obviously, Riot games did not do this for the money, but for keeping the sport transparent and cheater free. And that’s always a win for the entire industry.

8) League of Legends became a college sport in the US

Another in line of LoL news, but this time it’s a big one. Riot Games partnered up with Big Ten Network (sports network owned by Fox Sports) to create a new college sport, where 12 colleges will fight over LoL prestige. This is a huge milestone for college eSports. Not sure about the cheerleaders, though.

9)  Blizzard pushes on with their Overwatch league

Last year, Blizzard first announced their plans to turn Overwatch into a bonafide eSport and also to organize competitions, which is not something they specialize in. Right now, they are trying to attract as many investors as possible and see if they can make Overwatch the next big thing.

10) NBA is entering eSports, big time

NBA teamed up with Take-Two to form their own eSports league. The idea is for every NBA team to have their own eSports division, who will then compete just like the regular league does, including the playoffs. According to Engadget, the league will start in 2018.