Moist Esports become RLCS Spring Major Champions

In the world of esports, every now and then you come across a story so inspirational that it just moves you. Such has surely happened in the case of Moist Esports. Why is the of Moist Esports winning the RLCS Spring Major so moving you wonder? Just keep on reading to find out!

Formation of Moist Esports

The players of Moist Esports used to play together at Team Queso. The trio witnessed a reasonable amount of success while playing for the European team. They even won the 2021-22 Winter Split Major being second to G2 Esports. However, shortly after, Team Queso’s roster was transferred to Moist Esports.

The Roster

  • Joe “Joyo” Young
  • Axel “vatira” Touret
  • Finlay “rise.” Ferguson
  • Noah “noah” Hinder (Coach)

What’s insane about this roster is that the combined age of Joyo(16), vatira(17) and rise.(16) is only 49. This makes them the youngest roster ever to win an RLCS title.

The team went straight down to business being runners-up of their inaugural tournament, the Europe Regional Event of Dacia Spring Cup 2021-22. They continued to demonstrate their flair in regional events before Moist showed up at the Spring Split Major.

Moist’s run at the Spring Major

Moist Esports qualified for the S-tier tournament thanks to their circuit ranking in the EU region. The European young guns started off strong winning their first series 3-0 against NA rivals, OpTic Gaming. Soon after, disaster struck as they lost 3-1 to Version1 being relegated to the lower brackets. In rounds 2 and 3 of the lower brackets, they picked up wins against Pioneers and Team Liquid. The competition was intense against Spacestation Gaming in the lower quarter-finals, narrowly beating them 4-3. But Moist Esports really put their game faces on in the lower semi-finals and finals. Karmine Corp and  Version1 fell prey to their ruthlessness with scorelines of 4-1 and 4-0 respectively.

The stage was now set for the grand finals between Moist Esports and representatives of a minor region, Team Falcons. The finals had everything a Rocket League fan could ask for. Losing their first match of the series, Moist won three straight matches tilting the odds in their favor. But the Falcons leveled the playing field as they went on to win the next two matches. Game seven took place at the Champions Field and Moist did the inevitable. They won game seven forcing a bracket reset. Another series means seven more matches to determine the winner but Moist was determined to not delay it any further. They won four straight rounds to seal the deal and pick up the championship title.


The team also picked up two individual awards with vatira winning the Defensive MVP and Joyo being crowned the Overall MVP of the Major.

WIth $90,000 in the bank, Moist Esports went home with nothing but smiles on their faces. Wanna win big just like Moist? Why don’t you try your luck out with these amazing Rocket League bettting sites?