Bungee joins TSM X Roster

The top teams around the world are always on the lookout to strengthen their rosters. This isn’t true just for their male teams but for their female counterparts as well. Now that more and more teams are introducing their all-female lineups, we’re seeing the competition grow like never before. And to keep up with that competition, you need to make roster changes. That’s why TSM X recruited their fifth member, bungee.

About TSM X

TSM X is the all-female Valorant division of TSM FTX. In March 2021, TSM signed an entire all-female Valorant roster in order to compete at the VCT Game Changers. Their most notable achievement came last year when they won the GIRLGAMER Challenge North America. Their last match resulted in a loss against the Dart Monkeys at the Astral Clash 2022 – Virtual Qualifiers.

The squad should be looking to dominate together at the upcoming Champions Tour Game Changers Series II: North America. The series will commence at the end of this month, 30th June to be precise. With bungee as their latest recruit, the girls will set their eyes on Game Changers titles with new vigor.


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TSM X Lineup

Now that bungee is their last recruit, this is how the roster looks like:

  • Mirna “athxna” Noureldin
  • Catherine “cath” Leroux
  • Emily “mle” Peters
  • Karnthida “dodonut” Chaisrakeo
  • April “bungee” Haight

About bungee

No brownie points for guessing from her Twitter ID, April “bungee” Haight started off her esports journey with CSGO. She joined AviateGG in January, 2021 and represented them in Season 36 of
ESEA Main. However, she moved to Valorant soon after starting off with a brief spell at Wanderlust. She joined Moon Raccoons Black in June 2021 after a short stay at Little Bocks. She turned a lot of heads there but Moon Raccoons temporarily disbanded after that. So, she made a huge move to CLG Red and won two titles back to back at the start. After 8 months with the squad, bungee has now finally joined TSM X.

Staying true to her AWP-ing skills since the CSGO days, bungee mostly mains Chamber. She also has experience playing Jett and Raze.

Will bungee make her mark with the girls at TSM X? Guess only time will tell.