7 Steps to eSports Betting Wizardry

Funny montage of Gandalf inspecting an AK-47 he found of Dust2 CSGO map

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that all great things begin with a single step.

Remember that time when you played your first Dota match and when you had to constantly Alt+Tab between the game and the build guide for Invoker?

Or when you first learned how to strafe shoot in CS?

Just like learning how to play a game, betting on one involves going through a particular process. To become good at eSports betting, you need to:

  • Take the first step
  • Make thousand mistakes
  • Learn a lot, either by watching or participating
  • Slowly work your way to mastery

This road is a little bit different for everyone, regardless of the stage you joined in. However, there are behavioural blueprints that are very common to all successful people and risk takers, that can be successfully applied to our particular needs.

Here are the 7 steps to becoming the Gandalf of eSports betting.

1) Never stop learning and analyzing

All good things take time. Have patience, first and foremost.

Second thing is to adopt a learning mindset, a one that will let you figure out what you did wrong and then improve that particular area. The key to this is to constantly analyze things: analyze odds, track your bets, read, get informed.

It is a never-ending process.

2) Focus on yourself, not others

Listen to yourself and focus on your own game.

As much as we like and appreciate our friends, they can often be wrong when it comes to match predictions, especially when it comes to extremely competitive events, such as Majors.

Follow your own plan, goals and ambitions.

3) Make mistakes with a smile

Mistakes are your greatest teacher, especially when it comes to betting.

Treat them with respect and joy, because you can learn from anything. You are a winner and winners smile in adversity.

If you overbet, smile and promise to yourself never to repeat it. If you miss a safe bet that had great odds, make a note of it. 

4) Focus on the things you can control

Here’s what you can control: preparation and analysis, betting plan, stakes and defending your bets. What you can’t control is the match outcome. Accept that fact right now and you’ll be much happier in the long run.

5) Accept full responsibility

Every single one of your victories is yours to take, but so is every single one of your losses. It is up to you to educate yourself, hone your skills, learn and become a champion.

Remember our end goal — amplify the matches and make them even more interesting.

6) Listen to your intuition

Even though we do this for fun, we’d still like to earn some cash doing it.

You can get betting tips for all matches (either free or paid), but in the end you should trust your intuition the most.


Well, when it comes to betting, there is no 100% accuracy. If you trust tipsters 100% you will soon become extremely disappointed.

Therefore, you should always acknowledge other people’s opinion but go for your gut feeling in the end.

7) Stick to your betting budget

The last, but definitely the most important — stick to your betting wallet.

I have said, in our full time esports betting guide, that you should separate your regular budget and betting budget. At the beginning of each month, set aside an amount you’re prepared to use for betting. If you spend it, don’t reach for your regular wallet. This thing alone will keep you in check, all the time.


So there you go guys, just a quick 7 steps that have the possibility to take you to a whole another level when it comes to betting.

Now it’s your turn!

Have you had a recent success at eSports betting? We’d love to hear all about it and share it with the community. Who knows, maybe you found a strategy that could be helpful to other Gamopo Troopers? Sharing is caring, as they say.

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