Competitors at IEM Katowice

Howdy Troopers, and welcome to another edition of our Busting’ the Odds eports betting preview. I know you guys are excited about the upcoming events so I was thinking it would be good to go over them in more detail and let you guys share your opinions and best picks.

This time we are taking a closer look at the two upcoming premier Dota 2 and CSGO tournaments: Intel Extreme Masters XI and the newly announced Boston Major, which is another in line of Valve’s Dota Major Championship tournaments. Ready?

Intel Extreme Masters XI


Intel Extreme Masters XI is taking place in Oakland, on November 2020. In these action packed days we will have the pleasure of watching 12 top class teams fight for a $300,000 cheque in a carnage of virtual blood and mayhem. OK, I may have overdone it.

There are 8 teams at IEM that are already known. Those are: Astralis, G2, Team Liquid, mousesports, Na’Vi, NiP, SK and If that’s not enough we will also have the opportunity to welcome 4 more teams that are going to come through the iBUYPOWER Masters (who thinks of these tournament names, jeez).

The teams competing in the iBUYPOWER masters are: Cloud 9, FaZe, Echo Fox, Godsent, Immortals, Renegades, TSM and TyLoo.

So, there is this “double burger” deal when it comes to IEM XI. First, we’ll watch these 8 teams battle over a $100,000 prize and a seed for the IEM XI. Afterwards, we can join in on the IEM and try to capitalize on the fact that bookmakers haven’t sorted out their odds yet. In short, this one is going to be a steal.

Team to watch out for: TyLoo

The Boston Major


The Boston Major is Valve’s answer to a year long question: “Where will the next Dota Major Championship be?”… They let us wait and it turned out it was for a reason. The event in Wang Theatre in Boston will see a massive $3,000,000 prize pool and a total of 16 teams battling over a course of 7 long days (December 3 – December 10).

This time, we have absolutely no idea which teams will participate in the tournament, but this is probably one of the few times that I am glad we don’t. Why?

The same reason as the one above (by now you should realize that qualifiers are important for betting). That being said, before they get to the main event, teams will have to go through:

  • Open Qualifiers
  • Regional Qualifiers

These events will take place between October 23 — October 30. What we can get out of it is resolution. And I am not talking about 1024×768 thingy. I’m talking about learning who’s hot and who’s not.

The big questions we will have to answer are:

  • Have the brilliant guys from Wings Gaming decided they want to go for a “Wing-Slam”? That would be to win all 4 majors in a row!
  • Will Evil Geniuses bring their best game and claim a victory in a grand finale on their home soil?
  • Can we count on DC gaming to seek revenge against the Wings?

Even though we would have to resurrect Nostradamus to answer these questions, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The qualifiers will definitely be interesting to watch and bet on and, looking at it from the perspective of this year’s The International — we are up for a thrill-packed winter.

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