EDG vs ThunderTalk Gaming at LPL Spring 2023

EDG faced ThunderTalk Gaming as we entered into week 5, day 10 of LPL Spring 2023. With both teams placed in the top half of the group leaderboards, it’s bound to be a formidable matchup. Find out how the series turned out between EDG and ThunderTalk Gaming.

EDG vs ThunderTalk



  • Hu ‘Ale‘ Jiale
  • Zhao ‘Jiejie‘ Lijie
  • Chu ‘FoFo‘ Chun-lan
  • Tian ‘Meiko‘ Ye
  • Hu ‘Leave‘ Hongchao


  • Yoon ‘Hoya‘ Yong-ho
  • Son ‘Ucal‘ Woo-hyeon
  • Tang ‘huanfeng‘ Huanfeng
  • Yang ‘Beichuan‘ Ling
  • Bi “yaoyao” Haotian

The Series

Game 1

With EDG starting on the red side, ThunderTalk walked in with the hopes of upsetting them. In the 7th minute, it was EDG that picked up their first dragon of the match. In the 10th minute, EDG picked up their first kill taking down Beichuan. FoFo soon followed it up with a kill of his own slaying Ucal. ThunderTalk responded by picking up the kill of Hoya but Jiejie picked up Beichuan again. EDG continued taking objectives with their second dragon in the 13th minute. They also took down the first tower of the game in the 15th minute. It was consolation for ThunderTalk as they took their first tower as well the next minute. In the 19th minute, a huge teamfight broke out while EDG was pursuing their third dragon. Both teams lost one member each and it was EDG that came out on top securing the dragon. The 24th minute saw Ale picking up the kill of yaoyao.

EDG kept up their momentum getting their fourth dragon and following it up with baron. EDG took the first inhibitor of ThunderTalk. In form Jiejie was caught in a sticky situation as TT picked up his kill in the 28th minute. The 31st minute saw EDG further concrete their position in the game taking another dragon and baron after defeating TT in a teamfight. Finally, EDG took down their nexus with an ace against the opposition.

Game 2

It was now ThunderTalk starting on the red side. EDG got their first objective down taking the first dragon in the 7th minute. ThunderTalk got first blood by taking down Meiko in the 10th minute. In the next minute, they got their second kill by taking down Ale. EDG got their first kill after a fight broke out in the 13th minute but so did TT. They followed it up right after picking up the kills of Meiko and Leave. TT got their first objective of the game in the 14th minute. In the 20th minute, EDG got their second dragon but at the cost of Meiko and Leave. ThunderTalk kept dominating teamfights picking up another kill in the 24th minute. In the meantime, EDG slayed their third dragon of the match.

EDG for the first time in the match took the gold lead around the 28th minute. Despite being behind in terms of kills, EDG was ahead in terms of objectives and gold lead. Leave got himself a sweet double kill on the cusp of the 33rd minute although huanfeng soon got the best of him. TT put quite the dent on EDG’s chances of winning the game with a baron steal by Beichuan. When things started to look brighter for ThunderTalk, disaster struck as they failed to take advantage of a teamfight on the 38th minute thanks to Leave. He picked up two kills there reviving EDG’s chances of winning the series. EDG win another teamfight the next minute as well as the next dragon. With that, it was game over as EDG took down the nexus of ThunderTalk for the second time of the night.

With today’s result, EDG have finished their regular split with 13 wins and 3 losses.