What would betting be without good old statistics?

Whether you have been betting on CSGO from the early days or you switched over from regular sports betting there is only one true way of preparing a bet — through statistics.

Now, I am not taking intuition out of the equation. We all know how important sixth sense is when it comes to eSports, but in a market as volatile as this, it would be better to just burn your money straight away than to place a bet only if you have a hunch that one team will win.

Because, let’s face it, not even the bookies yet have a good way of predicting a match winner. So, how can we? Read more




Just a sec…

Gyeonggi is a province in South Korea with a population of over 12 million.

11,5 million of those are apparently professional gamers but there are a few that are not into gaming, as I’ve heard.

For the uneducated ones, South Korea is the biggest shrine of our world.

A place where gamers go on a pilgrimage and pay respects to the legends, such as Faker, Mvp, Life and several others.

It is also a place that is soon to be the epicentre of ESL’s LoL, SC 2 and Overwatch tournament — IEM Gyeonggi 2016. Read more

With IEM Oakland around the corner (November 16-20), I wanted to do a bit of research and give you guys a complete breakdown of the current form of our favorite CSGO teams. 

But, first, let’s go over some important introductory notes for our fellow gamers who have just tuned in to watching competitive gaming.  

Intel Extreme Masters is an eSports tournament organized by ESL and it exists since 2006. It has featured three major games: CSGO, SC 2 and LoL, but in the latest season we only have competitions in CSGO and LoL.

The event takes place in Oakland’s Oracle Arena — the place where Steph Curry puts on a basketball clinic every now and then. 

The total prize money is $400,000 and it’s split in the following way: Read more