What Is Rocket League?

Released in 2015, this is rocket-powered super car soccer game. Teams of rocket-powered cars perform acrobatics, flips and other enchanting actions for one purpose only; score the highest number of goals in a match. Rocket League betting become quite popular in the eSports betting industry, but nowadays, Rocket League trading is also becoming increasingly popular.

What Is Rocket League trading?

Almost all the major titles offer selling, purchasing and trading of virtual items. In-game inventory and items can be traded for other items. Rocket League trading allows you to swap tradeable items with other users through the allowed mediums and practices.

The players earn these items as rewards for participating in matches. The items vary in rarity and points, and these are rewarded on the basis of the performance during the match. Sometimes, you might win an item that you do not want, and someone else might have an item that you really want. You can control how items are rewarded by the AI, so Rocket League trading is the key to getting what you want.

The developers are consistently creating new cosmetics, skins, and items for the game. Getting what you want can be really tiring and time-consuming, since every time the AI offers a whole new set of rewards. This guide will outline the basic process of in-game item trading, and make sure that you have sufficient knowledge before you begin Rocket League trading.

How to Trade in Rocket League On Xbox One and PS4?

This might just be the simplest way to trade in-game items for Rocket League. It doesn’t matter which console you have, the process of trading and swapping through the official means and modes is actually quite easy.

Once you find the item you like, go to the lobby, create a party, and make sure to invite the player with that item to your party. Locate that person using their handle, and you will see an option on the bottom of the screen to “Invite to Trade”. Invite them using the option. Once they join the party, you can begin swapping and trading Rocket League items with them.

This process works like a charm on multiple platforms and gaming consoles as well. Player usually create parties with a huge number of players, and they all swap their items there from time to time, depending upon the demands of their upcoming matches.

You can trade 5 items for just one of the other party’s items. This all depends upon the mutual agreement, and the rarity of the items being traded.

You can also use the “Trade-In” method of the game. You can use 5 of your items to get a random item from the next highest tier. Rocket League has an official list of the rarity and the class of items. The AI will accept your offerings and will randomly choose an item from the next highest rarity level.

What Are the Rarity Classes for Rocket League Items?

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Very Rare
  5. Import
  6. Exotic
  7. Black Market (Unofficial)

As we all understand, it’s easier to trade the items of same levels, but when you want something from a higher level, you will have to up the number of items you are offering for only a single piece of item from a higher tier.

Rocket League trading might seem complex, but the underlying concept is quite easy. Swap your items so everyone gets what they need. There are only some specific classes of items you can trade.

What In-Game Items Can Be Used for Rocket League trading?

  1. Keys
  2. Decryptors
  3. Crates
  4. Certified Items
Rocket League Item Trading 2018

Rocket League Item Trading

What Are Rocket League Keys and How to Trade Them?

You can purchase these keys from the in-game menu, and all the funds will go to Rocket League eSports tournaments. Now, these keys are extremely important because they can open the randomly scattered crates throughout the game.

You can either purchase these keys, or trade your items for keys from other players. If you don’t want to spend your precious cash on the purchase, there are several ways to get keys in Rocket League.

  • Trade your in-game items with other players for keys
  • Trade your collected crates with other players for keys
  • Use Trade-Ins to upgrade your items and trade for keys

You can offer unopened crates to other players in exchange for keys to the crates you want to open. This is the most popular method for getting keys in Rocket League trading nowadays.

You can also upgrade your items, trade-in your existing inventory for a better one. Later on, you can offer items of high rarity for a collection of keys from other users.

What Are Rocket League Crates and What Are They for?

Crates can be extremely helpful and exciting because they offer a variety of items when they are opened. You never know what you are going to get. They have to be opened using keys or decryptors. There are three popular ways to get crates in Rocket League.

  • Play Online Matches
  • Trade with Other Players
  • Purchase Crates from in-game menu

You can play matches, and after every match, these crates fall out of the sky. The ratio of crate drop is still unclear, so players always assume that it is random. There are different types of crates, and each category is retired after 6 months of its release. This way, the developers keep the excitement alive with newer types of crates.

You can trade your items with other players in exchange for crates. When the special events are around the corner, you can purchase event-themed special crates for a lower price and save them for later on.

What Are Item Categories in Rocket League?

When you trade with another player or receive an item for the crate, it can either be painted or certified. Certified items keep track of your stats as long as they are equipped on your car. Painted items can alter the appearance and abilities of your cars.

Rocket League trading allows users to trade these items for other items, crates, keys, and decryptors. Often times, players trade in painted items for certified items, because keeping a track of their stats makes them feel validated.

Where to Trade In-Game Items in Rocket League?

Currently, there are community boards, reddit pages, and online trading websites for Rocket League trading. RLTracker, RocketLeagueTrading,  and several other websites offer extensive information about players and their items.

Players can post the items they want and the items they have. They also post the expected price (keys, crates, decryptors, or items etc.) in the listing. The users can log onto these websites, message the players, discuss the swap, and once they finally come to a mutual agreement, they can log onto their consoles and trade the items using official means.

What Should You Be Aware of?

In Rocket League trading, there are some scammers who live to fool others. They will list a number of items for trade, and just before they hit confirm, they will remove the item you want, and you will be left with useless items.

Furthermore, often times, these websites have the option of hiring a middleman to do the trading. These middleman sometimes turn out to be scammers who take off with all the players’ items. Converse with the players by yourself, and during Rocket League trading, make sure that you have the desired item before you hit confirm.


Before you wet your hands with Rocket League trading, we suggest you learn everything about the items offered, and in-game inventory. You do not want to get ripped off. So, learn about the different categories of items, and start with trading minor items. Slowly and steadily step into the huge world of Rocket League trading.

Being a professional in a Counter-Strike:Global Offensive requires a lot of things. Mainly, most of your time will have to be put in the game. Lack of friends, hangouts, or even girlfriend is also a probability for professional CS:GO players. Being a pro is like having a regular job, working 7-8 hours a day, but instead of working, you are sharpening your skills or studying your opponents.

On the other hand, there is a lot of money to be made, glory as well. When it comes to CS:GO, a top earner is Astralis member, Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth. He earned himself a total of $965.331,80. This is the crazy amount of money, especially for a video game professional.


As mentioned above, all of the professionals put a lot of time and effort into the game. When you look at their profiles, they have all spent roughly 10000 hours playing Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. They also spend a lot of their time away from their family and relatives.

However, there is a good side to being a professional. Mainly, you get to earn money doing something you love, and let’s be honest, you earn a lot of money. Furthermore, you are playing in front of thousands watching live, either from the stands or through a streaming platform. Winning a tournament after all the hours you prepared for it has to be one of the best feelings in the world. Also, you will travel all over the world, participating in different tournaments and leagues, and all of your expenses are covered. This is the main reason why most of the pros will tell you that this is their dream job.

(F0rest, a cs:go legend)


Everything starts with you. It is the same with everything in life. In order to succeed you need to have a good plan and training routine put in place. Dedication and time are the only roads to cs:go leagues in 2020. 


You need to go all in. However, some players will invest more time into becoming a pro, while some will achieve that with only a couple thousand hours invested in the game. This is called talent.

When CS:GO was released, there were only a few teams competing. In 2020 you can see new teams on regular basis. Not only teams, but you can also see talented young players popping up on the radar in every tournament. All of those players had one chance to shine, and they had to step up and show themselves to the eSports community. And yes, a few years ago, it was not that hard to become a professional, but today’s competition is what brings the best out of players.


If you want to improve, you will have to practice. As easy as that. Once again, we are back to the point where you will have to invest time to achieve something. CS:GO is based on aim, map control, communication, game sens, and team play. You can work on some of these aspects, but some will have to be grinded out with experience. For instance, you can play headshot only servers, for 5 days in a week, 2 hours a day. After 2-3 weeks, you will start dominating players from your skill level. But once you climb up, you will face smarter and sharper enemies, who are very experienced. And there is not much you can do about it, except keep on playing.

Furthermore, if you want to achieve something as a solo player, you won’t go far. The best advice I can give you is to find yourself a team to play with. There are a lot of sites out there made for solo players to find decent teammates to climb the ranks with. Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is based on team play and chemistry, which will improve the more you and your team play together.

Another thing that you will have to work on is your utility usage. Throwing a good smoke grenade, or flashbang or even molotov can greatly increase your chance of winning the round. Especially if you are playing in a team of 5 players. A proper grenade can get you out of uncomfortable situations and it can also set up a good play for you our your teammates. There are a lot of utility tutorials on youtube, learning some of those will help you a lot.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROxONtMBL6Y&t=436s(Mirage utility usage, credits to HattonGames)


You can have an advantage of your opponents, but it will cost you money. For instance, having a good processor and graphics card will make your CS:GO experience lag and stutter free. Furthermore, if you have extra money then you should definitely get yourself a 144 Hz monitor. But the most important things are mouse and keyboard. Let’s just say that 85% of professionals use ZOWIE’s mouses and HyperX keyboard. However, having a mechanical keyboard will improve your strafing and moving around the map.


Professional Counter-Strike:Global Offensive players compete in numerous different tournaments and leagues. Some of the teams even skip certain tournaments in order to rest and regain their composure. Let’s take October as an example. There are 4 leagues taking place:

ECS Season 6 Europe

ECS Season 6 North America

ESL Pro League Season 8 Europe

ESL Pro League Season 8 North America

We also recommend you to visit csgo betting sites where you can easily bet on your favorite team.


There are 17 different tournaments announced in October of 2020. This is a big number. There are some lower tier tournaments, and there are some that will attract top teams in the world. The last tournament with big prize pool took part in New York, it was a tournament form an ESL One series. The total prize pool was $250.000, and the winner was taking home a whopping $125.000. Tournaments are also being played in front of the sold-out stadiums and arenas. CS:GO is so popular that they managed to sell out and entire Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

(ESL One New York 2018 crowd)


The most important thing in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is to learn from your mistakes. You constantly make mistakes, starting with your positioning, crosshair placement, utility usage. In order to go pro, you will have to reduce the number of mistakes you do. You will also have to be relaxed and passionate about the game. To conclude, if you keep on training and striving to be the best, you will definitely have a proper chance to prove that you deserve a contract with a CS:GO professional team. Simply, keep on improving.

What is your training routine, how do you improve? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is among the best and most popular first-person shooter video games. What made it popular, is its competitiveness. Furthermore, enormous prize pools and huge fan base definitely shaped today’s CS:GO as an eSport.

CS:GO is a very simple game. There are two teams fighting to win 16 rounds. In order to put rounds on the board, you will have to buy weapons, armor, and grenades. But this itself is not enough, you will also have to kill your opponents. When its explained like this, at first it seems very simple. However, once you look at the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive professional scene, you will probably get a headache. Some say that CS:GO is all about aiming, point and shoot. But that is not the case. This game is all about synergy and strategy. If a team wants to be the best, a lot of time and effort will have to be put in. Today it’s really common to bet on csgo as well so if you would like to read more about csgo match betting you’re welcome.

(the best CS:GO team in the world)


There are several game modes in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. There are, of course, modes for casual and competitive players. Casual players are more of a relaxed type, whose goal is to have fun. On the other hand, we have competitive players, who will push their limits in order to win. Lastly, we have professional CS:GO players, who do this for a living.

In my personal opinion, casual CS:GO does not entertain me at all. However, it provides the same experience as the other popular fps games. Furthermore, I think that this game is built for people who enjoy challenging others and themselves.

In the end, the most special type of players, professionals. Most of the competitive type of players have dreams to go pro. Becoming a pro is not easy. You have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to be the best.


The main mode played in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is a defusal mode. It’s a standard 5v5 mode, where the Terrorist side will try to plant a bomb, while the Counter Terrorist side will have to either defuse to bomb or defend the bombsite.  However, you can also win a round by eliminating all 5 of your opponents.


There are 30 rounds in total. However, one team needs to win 16 rounds in order to win the match. Furthermore, it may also end up in a draw, with a 15-15 scoreline. First 15 rounds, you will play either as a T or CT, after the halftime(15 rounds), you will switch sides. Some third-party server providers will also include overtime. Unfortunately, this is not the case with official CS:GO matchmaking.


1st and 16th round are called pistol rounds. Both sides, T and CT will only have $800 to invest, either in kevlar, or defuse kit(as CT), or even grenades. All of you will also have only default pistols, but you can decide to invest in a better one. Stock pistols are Glock-18 for the Terrorist side and USP-S for Counter-Terrorist side.


There are 18 ranks in total:

  • Silver I (2.2%)
  • Silver II (1.83%)
  • Silver III (2.03%)
  • Silver IV (3.13%)
  • Silver Elite (4.52%)
  • Silver Elite Master (6.52%)
  • Gold Nova I (7.7%)
  • Gold Nova II (9.78%)
  • Gold Nova III (10.64%)
  • Gold Nova Master (10.02%)
  • Master Guardian I (8.42%)
  • Master Guardian II (7.89%)
  • Master Guardian Elite (7.47%)
  • Distinguished Master Guardian (5.39%)
  • Legendary Eagle (4.34%)
  • Legendary Eagle Master (4.05%)
  • Supreme Master First Class (2.89%)
  • THE GLOBAL ELITE (1.12%)

(visual representation of current Counter-Strike:Global Offensive ranks)

LOW RANKS: all the way from Silver I to Gold Nova Master is considered newbish. But do not be discouraged by this. If you decide to put an extra effort into the game, you will be out of these ranks in no time. Mostly, people stuck on this rank are either casual players, or they have just picked up CS:GO and started competing.

MEDIUM RANKS: players from Master Guardian I to Legendary Eagle, are considered medium skilled players. They know all the basics, they have a decent aim and movement mechanics. In my personal opinion, experienced CS:GO players that are stuck here are not willing to put in extra effort in order to climb above their ranks.

HIGH RANKS: There are 3 ranks which are considered most skilled. Those are Legendary Eagle Master, Supreme Master First Class, and The Global Elite. As you can see from the chart, these 3 groups are consisted out of 8.06% of total CS:GO matchmaking players. These people are very skilled when it comes to raw aim, movement, utility usage, and game sense. These people invested a lot of time into this game, so believe me when I say it, a lot of dedication and effort has to be invested in order to reach the top, that being THE GLOBAL ELITE.


In a competitive game, a lot of people will look for advantages over their opponents. Commonly used strategies are headshot only severs, retake servers, different aim maps, workshop maps, etc. I assure you that you will improve a lot if you dedicate an hour of your time on any of the strategies I mentioned above. You will also notice it yourself, your aim will become more dynamic, stable and controlled. Furthermore, you will also learn how to move more naturally, and how to achieve a good crosshair placement.

One more thing you should know, professional players do this for their living. They practice at least 4-5 hours every day. Just by watching some of them, you will see how burned out they look sometimes. There has to be a lot of sacrifice and dedication put in to achieve your goals. These are just some of the basic guidelines to help you improve.

(aim training map from workshop)

What rank are you at the moment? Do you train, how do you train? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

Before you even start thinking about how to bet on Rocket League, you need to know what it is. It is a crossover video game between two of the favourite genres of gamers; football and crazy cars.

Developed in a San Diego Based video game development studio Psyonix, this game has quickly earned its position among the most played competitive eSports games of this decade. Rocket league betting is also on the rise, and it is time for you to profit from it as well.

How Does the Rocket League Work?

It was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2015, however, the game was also developed for OS X, Linux and Windows OS systems in 2016. One of the amazing features of this game is the availability of cross-platform multiplayer integration. This means that a team can consist of players from any of the relevant gaming platforms.

The gameplay is quite simple to understand, but quite difficult to master. A cursory analysis of the gameplay will tell you that each team consists of three players, each of whom controls a rocket-powered super car. The objective is simple; to throw the over-sized ball into the opponent’s net with the help of the cars.

Before you start Rocket League betting, you need to understand that this game might look like an easy childish game, but it is quite hard to win at. The ones who are masters of this game have a complete understanding of the physics of Rocket League.

If you want to bet on Rocket League, you also need to be familiar with the odds of winning a bet in Rocket League betting. Each game takes place in a different arena, just like CS: GO. Each arena presents a different set of powers and boost abilities for the car. With the help of the power sets and boost options available, the cars can jump higher, move faster, and boost their power, thus increasing the odds of winning.

The professional players of Rocket League perfectly understand the physics of the game, and have an excellent communication behaviour with the rest of their teammates in order to move forward in unison.

Why Is Rocket League so Popular?

How do you earn some money while enjoying a colourful, exciting and exhilarating rocket-powered soccer game? If you bet on rocket league, you can easily achieve this dream from the comfort of your home, while enjoying a globally adored video game.

Developed by Psyonix, this game consists of three rocket-powered super cars for each team, while their goal is to throw an oversized ball into the opponent’s net. Although this game offers an easily understandable plot and goal, yet the controls and the gameplay is quite hard to master.

Just like several other competitive video games, Rocket League also offers a wide range of arenas to choose from. Although the arenas do not contribute heavily in the outcome of the match, yet the respawn point, the design of the arena, the availability of different modes and weapons does affect the outcome slightly.

The cars can jump and boost to strike the ball, and every arena offers a different set of marked spaces, which allow the user to top up the boost speed and jump height of their cars. Players can also perform acrobatic maneuvers in the air, such as spinning and flipping, etc. These maneuvers increase the bonus points, and players earn more in every round.

Released in 2015, and with over six million copies sold worldwide, nobody could have thought that this game would earn over 40 million loyal and regular players. Electronic sports league and Psyonix actively host tournaments for the players, which allows the audience to bet on Rocket League, and make some cash while enjoying the beautiful graphics of the game.

What You Should Know Before You Bet On Rocket League?

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) are hosted twice a year, and the prize money is somewhere north of 1,00,000. Hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world participate in these champion series, and the betting websites become a hub of hungry and addictive betters to score some luck.

Why is Rocket League slowly becoming more and more popular among the betting fans? In contrast to the opposing options, such as soccer games, Rocket League offers a faster pace of game and a shorter time period. This combination allows the fans to be entertained and lulled by the mesmerizing gameplay.

There are several different competing schemas for betters to choose from. The simpler ones include winning on the basis of highest number of goals scored, and the most complex ones include a handicap challenge. Sometimes, the winner is chosen by the method of BO5 (Best of fives), or by BO7 (Best of sevens).

The teams need three or four games to decide the outcome of a match, so the element of luck is ruled out. The games are fast paced and over quickly, which maintains the interest of the audience in the game. Another incentivizing feature to bet on Rocket League is the cross-platform integration and competitions between gaming consoles and computers.

The betting process depends on the choice of the arena and the manner of the game. Several websites offer betting options for Rocket League, such as Buff88.com, Arcanebet.com, and Pinnacle. In the end, if you do decide to bet on Rocket league, it will not only earn you some quick cash, but it will also entertain you as you wait for the final result.

Where to Place a Bet On Rocket League

Once you have decided to bet on Rocket League, you need to know the right website to place your Rocket League bets. In today’s modern world, it is extremely easy to be fooled by fake websites, which are only created for one purpose only; scamming.

Let’s talk about the best eSports betting websites there are. Buff88, ArcaneBet, and Betway are considered to be the best of the best, when it comes to eSports betting and Rocket League betting.

For the novice bettors out there, the best betting practices include familiarizing yourself with the odds, stats, and relevant information of the field before diving into the betting world. You should understand the influencing factors of the game before you place a bet on Rocket League.

Betway is a hub of information for all your eSports betting needs. They are always the first to realize the potential of new franchise, and they always offer the best odds to the newcomers. Furthermore, they offer detailed and extensive stat and odds charts to the audience, so that the bettors make a well-informed decision rather than an emotional one.

ArcaneBet might just be the best option for those, who wish to bet using real money instead of play-money and in-game items. If you want to predict Rocket League matches, and make some real life money, then the withdrawal and deposit option of this website are the best.

William Hill, and Betway are also rich in user interface and unique feature to make the process of Rocket Leaguebetting easier. So, choose the one you are most comfortable with, and the one which offers you exactly what you need.

Most of the modern eSports betting websites offer signing bonus in forms of money or free bets. Take your time, and browse through all the relevant website before finally signing up for one.

Why Should You Bet On Rocket League?

For all the betting fans out there, Rocket League bets would be a fantastic addition to your existing eSports betting clubs. This is a fact paced video game, and the matches have a relatively shorter period of time than the rest of the games. From the beginning to the very end, this game is rich in graphics, features, acrobatics, action, and did I mention “rocket-powered cars”.

The players perform mid-air acrobatics, spinning, flipping, and several other nitrous based actions, which keep the audience entertained and exhilarated. The losing team always has the potential for a powerful comeback, and take on the enemy team.

The matches are finished quickly, and the audience doesn’t have to wait around for ages for the outcome to be announced. If you decide to bet on Rocket League, you are guaranteed to have fun while enjoying a colorful battle between super-powered rocket cars.

What Influencing Factors Will Increase Your Odds of Winning?

It is easily understandable that before placing actual money on any game, you should observe how the flow of the game changes from time to time. Sometimes, low-level teams can take out the highest ranking opponent if they utilize the advantage of arena power sets and positioning of the teammates. So, before you start placing bets, sit back and relax as you enjoy the ongoing matches.

Every betting platform will offer you “odds” on the game. What does this mean? The team which is expected to lose will have a higher profit return if it wins. If Team A is expected to win against Team B, then the odds might be 5:1. This means that if you bet on Team B, and it somehow defeats the opponent, you will receive 5 dollars for every dollar you betted.

How do people make money on this? Well, once the odds are aired, they begin researching the previous games of the opponents. They figure out the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, and they also jot down the impact of arena’s power sets on the teams. Once they have every single detail down to the last point, they place the bet. There are other bettors as well, who choose randomly to increase their odds of blindly winning in Rocket League Gambling.

So, if you are finally ready to place a bet on Rocket League, do it properly and take a well-informed decision. Gather as much information on the arena, teams and how they have performed in the past, and then place a reasonable bet.

Gamopo also offers Rocket League Betting Tips and Predictions. These tips often prove extremely helpful, and hint towards the possible outcome of the match. Do not go with the crowd, and make your own decision based on stats, odds, and tips offered.

What Do We Conclude?

Unlike other eSports betting games, Rocket League is different. As soon as a goal is scored, the teams are set back into their original position, and the match starts again. This way, every team has the opportunity to take the last-minute lead and claim the victory. The matches are rapid, exciting, and a visual treat for the eyes.

Rocket League betting can give you an exciting addiction for your free time. People are betting heavily and making money in this area, and you can be a part of that as well. Take into account all the factors, observe the games, make your list of high ranking teams, choose a Rocket League Gambling site, and go for it.


Betting system (or a betting strategy) is a strategic plan of tasks that we take when preparing a certain bet, be it on singles or multiples.

Betting strategies exist ever since the birth of betting and they consist of a set of actions, all created to outsmart and outplay the bookmakers.

But do they actually work? Read more