T1 and Gen. G at the upper bracket final of LCK Spring 2023

T1 faced Gen. G at the upper bracket finals of LCK Spring 2023. With both teams having set their eyes on the grand finals, who won the series? Lets find out!

T1 vs Gen. G At LCK Spring 2023



  • Choi ‘Zeus’ Woo-je
  • Moon ‘Oner’ Hyeon-joon
  • Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok
  • Lee ‘Gumayusi’ Min-hyeong
  • Ryu ‘Keria’ Min-seok

Gen. G

  • Choi ‘Doran’ Hyeon-joon
  • Han ‘Peanut’ Wang-ho
  • Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon
  • Kim ‘Peyz’ Su-hwan
  • Yoo ‘Delight’ Hwan-joong

The Series

Match 1

Match 1 saw Gen. G starting on the red side and T1 starting on blue. It didn’t take long for the action to get started as 4 minutes in, the lives of Peyz and Gumayusi were traded in the bot lane. In the next minute, T1 made their first move of the match as their botlane took down Peyz and Delight with some help from Oner. T1 picked up their first dragon of the match, the Cloud Drake 8 minutes in. Gen. G soon picked up the kill of Keria on the 10th minute. The number of kills were leveled soon as Peanut picked up the kill of Oner on the 12th minute. We witnessed the first teamfight of the match on the 13th minute as the battle for Infernal Dragon saw Peanut and Peyz being slayed. An unsuccessful turret dive on Zeus resulted in the death of Peanut. However, Faker’s death right after sort of made up for it.

In the 19th minute, another team fight took place with Delight, Doran and Chovy falling prey to T1. T1 followed up with their domination by picking up their third dragon of the match. Peanut’s death in the 23rd minute gave T1 a window of opportunity to get the Baron but they faced resistance from Gen. G. The 26th minute saw T1 pretty much confirm their win of the match as they picked up the Chemtech Drake along with the lives of Peanut, Doran and Delight. T1 followed it up by finally picking up the Baron that they had wanted so bad. Doing so, T1 had established a 7k gold lead over their opponents. The 30th minute saw T1 picking up their first inhibitor of the match. Another teamfight win for T1 came on the 32nd minute. They picked up their second baron on the 35th minute. With three more lives of Gen. G secured, T1 close out their first match right on the cusp of the 38th minute.

Match 2

It was now Gen. G on blue side and T1 starting on red. The first blood of the match was picked up by Keria as he slayed Gumayusi. 8 minutes into the match, T1 picked up the Mountain Drake. T1 got their second kill of the match as Oner picked up the life of Chovy. Soon, T1 picked up the Infernal Drake as well. The two teams were neck and neck in terms of gold lead, however. The first teamfight of the match took place on the 17th minute as the teams contested for the Rift Herald. Gen. G picked up the objective and Oner’s life but Gumayusi responded by getting a double kill. Chovy picked up the kill of Zeus moving into the 19th minute. A well-timed Maokai ultimate on the 25th minute saw T1 conceding the lives of Oner and Keria. Gen. G thus got the confidence to soon pick up the Baron.

Gen. G kept rolling down the defense of T1 as they picked up the first inhibitor on the 27th minute. Gen. G managed to gain a 5k gold lead in the meantime. An all-out teamfight on the 32nd minute saw both teams conceding two of their players each. However, the tides of the battle were turned as T1 scored a sweet little ace and a dragon on the 34th minute. T1 went straight in for the nexus taking down their inhibitor and the final turrets but overstayed a little as they had to retreat. Zeus did try to take down the nexus infiltrating their defense on the 37th minute but died even though he was really close. A successful teamfight for T1 on the cusp of the 40th minute saw T1 finally taking down the Nexus.

Match 3

T1 started on the red side again on match number 3. 5 minutes into the match, T1 picked up the Chemtech Drake. The first blood came on the 8th minute when Keria took down Delight in the bot lane. Delight got caught again right after as this time Oner made a visit to the bot lane. But it was Peanut who avenged his teammate by taking down Oner in jungle. Zeus saw his life being conceded to Doran walking into the 11th minute. T1 got the Infernal Drake despite the absence of Zeus. The 16th minute saw Doran picking up the kill of Zeus right under his turret. Meanwhile, Gen. G set their eyes on picking up objectives as they slayed the Mountain Drake. They then followed it up by picking up the Rift Herald.

23 minutes into the match, as Gen. G picked up their second dragon, T1 was preparing to take down Baron. Despite facing some heavy resistance from Gen. G, they managed to take it unscathed. Things surely went in favor of T1 in the 28th minute as they not only picked up the Mountain Drake but the life of Peanut as well. T1 tried to fight for Baron again on the 31st minute but a teamfight resulted in the deaths of Zeus and Delight. Eventually, it was Gen. G who not only got the Baron but two free kills along with it. A teamfight on the cusp of the 34th minute saw Gen. G continue to gain the upper hand as they killed Faker and Zeus. They then followed it up by taking down the Mountain Drake. A successful chase down the midlane by T1 saw them getting two kills and destroy the first inhibitor of Gen. G. T1 successfully got Baron on the 38th minute. Gen. G responded by taking their fourth dragon of the game. It was Faker that got caught on the wrong foot walking into the 40th minute. But Gen. G came knocking down the walls of T1 as they scored an ace on the 45th minute and took down their Nexus without wasting any time whatsoever.

Match 4

Will T1 move onto the grand finals of LCK Spring 2023 or will Gen. G stand in their way? A gank by Oner on the 3rd minute saw Chovy being sent back to the base. T1 took down the first dragon of the game 6 minutes in. It was soon Peanut’s turn too as Gumayusi picked up the kill of Peanut. The first good news of the game for Gen. G was Peanut picking up the first Rift Herald. 9 minutes into the match, the first teamfight broke out with the lives of Peanut and Zeus being traded in. On the 11th minute, Chovy and Peanut teamed up to take down Faker in the top lane. Meanwhile, the Chemtech Drake was picked up by T1. The next teamfight went in favor of T1 as they killed both Delight and Peanut. T1 then picked up the Rift Herald. Keria found himself in an awkward position as he had to return to the base from the midlane. Zeus had to join him right after thanks to some team co-ordination from the Gen. G roster in the midlane.

T1 continued to pick up objectives nonetheless as they got their third dragon in the 18th minute. Doran and Chovy then took down Zeus but this time in the bottom lane. The 23rd minute came bearing the best news yet for the side of T1 as Zeus picked up a triple kill and they gained their fourth dragon. With Chovy and Peanut’s death in the 24th minute, there was a window of opportunity for picking up the Baron and they sealed it. T1 infiltrated into the base in the 27th minute taking down Gen. G’s inhibitor. T1 then shifted their focus and went for the turrets of the mid and top lanes. A fight around dragon side then sealed the deal for T1 as they picked up three kills and went straight for the base of Gen. G. And with that, the fourth match was over and it was a well-deserved series win for T1.

T1 are now the first team to make it to the grand finals of LCK Spring 2023. Gen. G has been relegated to the lower bracket and will face either of KT Rolster or Hanwha Life. Which among these teams will meet T1 at the grand finals of LCK Spring 2023? Guess only time will tell!