It was LEC vs LCK as the MAD Lions faced T1 at MSI 2023.  With the threat of being sent to the lower bracket, both teams surely manifested a victory walking into the series. But it was T1 that came out on top on the night. Check out how all the action turned out only at Gamopo!

MSI 2023: T1 vs MAD Lions



  • Choi ‘Zeus’ Woo-je (Top)
  • Moon ‘Oner’ Hyeon-joon (Jungle)
  • Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok (Mid)
  • Lee ‘Gumayusi’ Min-hyeong (Bot)
  • Ryu ‘Keria’ Min-seok (Support)

MAD Lions

  • Kim ‘Chasy’ Dong-hyeon (Top)
  • Javier ‘Elyoya’ Prades (Jungle)
  • Yasin ‘Nisqy’ Dinçer (Mid)
  • Matyáš ‘Carzzy’ Orság (Bot)
  • Zdravets ‘Hylissang’ Iliev Galabov (Support)

The Series

Match 1

The first match started off with T1 starting on red side. MAD Lions started the game impressively showing aggression in every play from the start. And it soon paid off with Elyoya picking up a double kill- that too of Faker and Oner heading into the 5th minute. And they surely didn’t stop there! A turret dive at the 7th minute saw MAD Lions pick up two more kills. T1 got their first kill the next minute with Faker taking down Nisqy but Elyoya soon avenged his teammate. At the 11th minute, MAD Lions got their first dragon right after they took down Faker. From the 12th minute, T1 started to show signs of progress as they tried to reduce the lead bit by bit. But they had a lot on their plate because MAD Lions had already gained a 7k gold lead. MAD got their first tower in the top lane at the 15th minute.

The 16th minute saw Hylissang being sent back to base but the Lions responded by slaying Faker and Gumayusi. But the tide of the match surely turned at the 17th minute as T1 took down the entire roster of MAD Lions along with picking up their first dragon. T1 picked up another W in the next teamfight as they killed Nisqy and Hillysang. MAD Lions picked up their second objective at the 23rd minute. MAD took a massive blow the next minute as T1 stole their Baron and a consequent teamfight saw 3 members each of both teams going down. The 28th minute saw T1 pick up their second dragon after Guma took down Nisqy. All of a sudden, the momentum seemed to have shifted to T1. Disaster struck for MAD Lions as T1 got an ace and went straight for Baron. The 33rd minute saw T1 slaying yet another teamfight as T1 picked up their 3rd dragon and penetrated the base of MAD Lions. And with that, T1 executed a comeback unlike any other to pick up their first map of the series.

Match 2

The second match of T1 vs MAD Lions began with T1 on the red side yet again. MAD Lions needed to make a comeback on this match to even the scoreline.

The Lions started off game 2 the perfect way with them picking up Oner in jungle even before the minions spawned. But Oner got one back at the 5th minute as he picked up Elyoya at mid. This time T1 was in no mood to fall behind during early game as the 6th minute saw Hylissang and Nisqy fall prey to their opponents. T1 picked up their first dragon of the match at the 8th minute. The cusp of the 10th minute saw fights taking place all over the map as both teams conceded two of their members each. 2 minutes later, T1 picked up their first turret after slaying 3 members of MAD Lions. T1 picked up their second dragon of the match at the 14th minute. A beautiful teamfight from T1 at the 16th minute saw the team race towards a 5k gold lead.

Meanwhile, MAD Lions took their first turret of the match at the 18th minute. After taking down both Chasy and Carzzy at the 20th minute, T1 took down the mid inhibitor of MAD Lions. Their LCK opponent continued to dominate the match as they took dragon number three 20 minutes into the match. Despite pressure from the Lions, T1 took down Baron at the 22nd minute and started to attack base again. An aced MAD Lions then helplessly looked on as T1 took down their nexus on the cusp of the 25th minute. Advantage to T1 as they needed just one more win to move onto the next round of MSI 2023.

Match 3

With two wins secured, T1 needed just one more win to call it a night. T1 seemed hungry to do so as they played aggressive right from the start as they forced two flashed out of the Lions just 2 minutes into the match. A dive in the botlane helped T1 secure the kills of Carzzy and Hylissang. T1 repeated their action and got 2 more kills on the cusp of the 6th minute with Elyoya suiciding under the turret. With 3 more kills at the 7th minute, sending the Lions back to the base seemed to have turned into a hobby for the T1 roster. In 8 minutes, T1 managed to pick up 10 kills. Soon, they even picked up their first dragon.

With T1 forcing pressure on top side, it was Guma that picked up the first turret in the bottom lane. A dive at the top on Faker saw him being conceded but Faker made sure to take down Elyoya with him. The 15th minute saw T1 picking up their second dragon of the match as they raced towards the finish line. The 16th minute saw T1 going all in a successful pick by Gumayusi as they looked determined to finish off the map. Elyoya and Carzzy were practically running for their lives as Guma took them both down under their own turrets before T1 destroyed the nexus. With the clock reading 16:41, the win couldn’t come any sooner for T1.

T1 will now be facing Gen. G on May 13th for their shot at the upper bracket finals of MSI 2023. It will surely be a challenging series but after tonight’s game, there’s little doubt that T1 is in it to win it. Meanwhile, MAD Lions are now relegated to the lower bracket and they will face G2 on the same day.

It was the grand finals of EMEA Masters Spring 2023. With Unicorns Of Love SE facing Istanbul Wildcats, no holds were barred in the finals. Check out who won the tournament and how the action turned out only at Gamopo!

Finals Of EMEA Masters Spring 2023


Unicorns Of Love Sexy Edition

  • Iwan ‘Venour’ Skorikov (Top)
  • Lee ‘Peach’ Min-gyu (Jungle)
  • Lee ‘Mask’ Sang-hoon (Mid)
  • Johannes ‘Fun K3y’ Werner (Bot)
  • Alexander ‘Lekcyc’ Lexikov (Support)

Istanbul Wildcats

  • Yoon ‘Destroy’ Jeong-min (Top)
  • Taha ‘Elramir’ Yurdagüven (Jungle)
  • Emre ‘Yzn’ Akça (Mid)
  • Jeong ‘BAO’ Hyeon-woo (Bot)
  • Polat ‘Parus’ Furkan Çiçek (Support)

The Series

Match 1

The first match of the finals of EMEA Masters Spring 2023 started with USE starting on blue side. The match didn’t take to long to get rolling as Elramir picked up the kill of Mask heading into the 5th minute. A well-timed execution at mid made the first blood possible. But IW didn’t take too long to respond to that either. This time it was Fun K3Y who avenged his teammate by slaying Parus. On the 9th minute, a hook from Parus helped BAO pick up the kill of Peach on the botlane. IW also managed to pick up the first dragon of the game in the next minute. The roster continued to pressurize their opponents by deploying the Rift Herald on the midlane in the 13th minute. But that was not enough as BAO soon picked up a double kill for himself. The 16th minute saw the team picking up their second dragon. IW picked up their first turret in the 20th minute.

The Wildcats from Istanbul continued to steamroll over as they picked up their third dragon in the 22nd minute after winning a teamfight. IW won yet another teamfight 2 minutes after taking 3 kills and conceding 2 of their players. But the 26th minute saw USE finally winning a teamfight of their own by slaying BAO and Kofte. They continued to gain a bit more momentum by taking their first dragon soon after. It was followed up by destroying the first tower of IW. In the meantime, the gold lead was handed over to Unicorns Of Love. What followed soon was undoubtedly the best teamfight of the match with the Unicorns winning and ultimately slaying the Baron Nashor. Capitalizing the Baron buff, USE exposed the defense of IW. However, it was their greed to push too much and end the game that resulted in four of their players being killed. Eventually, in the 39th minute, the Unicorns took down the Nexus of the Wildcats winning their first match.

Match 2

It was now the Wildcats’ turn to start on the blue side of the map. But they started the match on the wrong foot as Peach took first blood heading into the 4th minute. Unicorns responded by taking the first dragon in the 7th minute but Peach came knocking again, this time slaying Parus and BAO for a double kill. USE seemed to focus more on objectives as they secured their second dragon in the 12th minute. Peach picked up his third kill of the match by taking down Destroy this time at the top lane. The Unicorns picked up their first turret of the match but Peach had to be sacrificed right before. Meanwhile, it was IW that slayed their first dragon.

Disaster soon struck for IW as the Unicorns had obtained their first ace of the night and also took the bot turrets. Doing so, USE were sitting on a massive 7k gold lead over their opponents. The 22nd minute saw Mask finding himself in murky waters giving away his life to USE. USE continued to focus on objectives as they took their third dragon in the 24th minute. They went straight for the Baron in the 26th minute after taking down BAO and Elramir in a teamfight. The defense of IW was soon exposed as USE took the first inhibitor turret along with the inhibitor. On the cusp of the 29th minute, Unicorns took their fourth dragon of the night. With three more kills secured in front of their own Nexus, USE soon tore down their final line of defense and picked up their second match of the night.

Match 3

The third match of the series didn’t take long at all to get started. The 3rd minute saw the first teamfight take place with IW’s Elramir getting first blood. The Wildcats came out on top getting two kills there while USE also took one. Soon in the 6th minute, the second teamfight broke out and IW came out on top again as they took down Peach and Fun K3Y. Parus continued to harass the Unicorns as his grab helped Elramir take down Peach. It was now Lekcyc’s turn to return to base as another hook from Parus landed just right. Heading into the 11th minute, IW took their first dragon. Right after, USE destroyed the first turret of the match.

Despite the lead for IW in terms of kills, there was barely a gold difference between the two teams. The 12th minute saw Kofte taking down Mask thanks to… you guessed it! Another hook from Parus! A teamfight on the cusp of the 14th minute saw Wildcats picking up two more kills. IW picked up their second dragon of the match in the 16th minute. A teamfight in the 17th minute saw both teams trade in two of their players each. The Unicorns seemed to be getting into the flow as they soon picked up three kills back to back. Despite that, IW got their first Baron in the 22nd minute. IW soon went full aggression mode as they picked up an ace over their opponents. They also picked up another dragon in the 27th minute. A swift 4k by BAO soon ensured a smooth entry into the defense of Wildcats and that was IW’s first win of the night.

Match 4

The fourth match saw IW now starting on the red side. Both teams started off a little slow this time as the first blood came in the 9th minute courtesy of Kofte. The Unicorns soon responded by taking down Parus. BAO soon picked up the kill of Fun K3Y but he was avenged by his teammate, Peach. Kofte soon picked up his second kill by sending Mask back to the base. BAO and Kofte continued to wreak havoc as they took two more kills. Meanwhile, they also earned their first dragon of the match. This time it was Destroy’s turn to pick a kill and that was of Fun K3Y.

A tussle in the midlane saw Destroy pick up the life of Peach. Within the 20th minute, IW picked up their second dragon of the match. With things going back and forth, it was now Kofte again under the spotlight as he picked up the kill of Mask. On the cusp of the 26th minute, the Wildcats not only took Baron but also a sweet little ace to take down the nexus of Unicorns. It was now time for game 5!

Match 5

It was now time for the final showdown. The action kicked off from the 5th minute as Destroy picked up the first blood of the final match. The Wildcats continued to lead early game as they picked up the first dragon along with a kill on Peach. The 9th minute saw the lives of Parus and Fun K3Y being traded in at the bot lane. But Wildcat BAO was soon caught in a sticky situation as Peach took his life. Things continued to tumble down for Unicorns as it now Lekcyc this time who had to give up his life to BAO. Another fight at the midlane on the 14th minute saw both Lekcyc and Kofte being sent back to base.

IW continued to keep their cool as they kept targeting objectives one after the other maintaining a healthy gold lead. In the 21st minute, Wildcats picked up their third dragon. But the 23rd minute of the match came bearing bad news for IW as a teamfight around Baron went in favor of the Unicorns as they got three kills. Even though the Unicorns couldn’t get Baron, it was still a win for them. But they couldn’t smile for long as the 27th minute came bearing not only an ace but also a free Baron for the Wildcats. It was the 29th minute that put the final nail in the coffin of the Unicorns as the Wildcats picked up yet another ace. Thanks to that, they went straight for the nexus and it was game over there and then! The Wildcats made an amazing comeback from being down two matches to being crowned the champions of EMEA Masters Spring 2023!

It’s another good news for Turkish fans after Fnatic’s Valorant roster dominate another day at the VCT EMEA 2023. But for now it’s time to celebrate the glory of Istanbul Wildcats! They have showed that while Unicorns maybe magical- it’s the roar of the Wildcats that matters the most!

T1 faced Gen. G at the upper bracket finals of LCK Spring 2023. With both teams having set their eyes on the grand finals, who won the series? Lets find out!

T1 vs Gen. G At LCK Spring 2023



  • Choi ‘Zeus’ Woo-je
  • Moon ‘Oner’ Hyeon-joon
  • Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok
  • Lee ‘Gumayusi’ Min-hyeong
  • Ryu ‘Keria’ Min-seok

Gen. G

  • Choi ‘Doran’ Hyeon-joon
  • Han ‘Peanut’ Wang-ho
  • Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon
  • Kim ‘Peyz’ Su-hwan
  • Yoo ‘Delight’ Hwan-joong

The Series

Match 1

Match 1 saw Gen. G starting on the red side and T1 starting on blue. It didn’t take long for the action to get started as 4 minutes in, the lives of Peyz and Gumayusi were traded in the bot lane. In the next minute, T1 made their first move of the match as their botlane took down Peyz and Delight with some help from Oner. T1 picked up their first dragon of the match, the Cloud Drake 8 minutes in. Gen. G soon picked up the kill of Keria on the 10th minute. The number of kills were leveled soon as Peanut picked up the kill of Oner on the 12th minute. We witnessed the first teamfight of the match on the 13th minute as the battle for Infernal Dragon saw Peanut and Peyz being slayed. An unsuccessful turret dive on Zeus resulted in the death of Peanut. However, Faker’s death right after sort of made up for it.

In the 19th minute, another team fight took place with Delight, Doran and Chovy falling prey to T1. T1 followed up with their domination by picking up their third dragon of the match. Peanut’s death in the 23rd minute gave T1 a window of opportunity to get the Baron but they faced resistance from Gen. G. The 26th minute saw T1 pretty much confirm their win of the match as they picked up the Chemtech Drake along with the lives of Peanut, Doran and Delight. T1 followed it up by finally picking up the Baron that they had wanted so bad. Doing so, T1 had established a 7k gold lead over their opponents. The 30th minute saw T1 picking up their first inhibitor of the match. Another teamfight win for T1 came on the 32nd minute. They picked up their second baron on the 35th minute. With three more lives of Gen. G secured, T1 close out their first match right on the cusp of the 38th minute.

Match 2

It was now Gen. G on blue side and T1 starting on red. The first blood of the match was picked up by Keria as he slayed Gumayusi. 8 minutes into the match, T1 picked up the Mountain Drake. T1 got their second kill of the match as Oner picked up the life of Chovy. Soon, T1 picked up the Infernal Drake as well. The two teams were neck and neck in terms of gold lead, however. The first teamfight of the match took place on the 17th minute as the teams contested for the Rift Herald. Gen. G picked up the objective and Oner’s life but Gumayusi responded by getting a double kill. Chovy picked up the kill of Zeus moving into the 19th minute. A well-timed Maokai ultimate on the 25th minute saw T1 conceding the lives of Oner and Keria. Gen. G thus got the confidence to soon pick up the Baron.

Gen. G kept rolling down the defense of T1 as they picked up the first inhibitor on the 27th minute. Gen. G managed to gain a 5k gold lead in the meantime. An all-out teamfight on the 32nd minute saw both teams conceding two of their players each. However, the tides of the battle were turned as T1 scored a sweet little ace and a dragon on the 34th minute. T1 went straight in for the nexus taking down their inhibitor and the final turrets but overstayed a little as they had to retreat. Zeus did try to take down the nexus infiltrating their defense on the 37th minute but died even though he was really close. A successful teamfight for T1 on the cusp of the 40th minute saw T1 finally taking down the Nexus.

Match 3

T1 started on the red side again on match number 3. 5 minutes into the match, T1 picked up the Chemtech Drake. The first blood came on the 8th minute when Keria took down Delight in the bot lane. Delight got caught again right after as this time Oner made a visit to the bot lane. But it was Peanut who avenged his teammate by taking down Oner in jungle. Zeus saw his life being conceded to Doran walking into the 11th minute. T1 got the Infernal Drake despite the absence of Zeus. The 16th minute saw Doran picking up the kill of Zeus right under his turret. Meanwhile, Gen. G set their eyes on picking up objectives as they slayed the Mountain Drake. They then followed it up by picking up the Rift Herald.

23 minutes into the match, as Gen. G picked up their second dragon, T1 was preparing to take down Baron. Despite facing some heavy resistance from Gen. G, they managed to take it unscathed. Things surely went in favor of T1 in the 28th minute as they not only picked up the Mountain Drake but the life of Peanut as well. T1 tried to fight for Baron again on the 31st minute but a teamfight resulted in the deaths of Zeus and Delight. Eventually, it was Gen. G who not only got the Baron but two free kills along with it. A teamfight on the cusp of the 34th minute saw Gen. G continue to gain the upper hand as they killed Faker and Zeus. They then followed it up by taking down the Mountain Drake. A successful chase down the midlane by T1 saw them getting two kills and destroy the first inhibitor of Gen. G. T1 successfully got Baron on the 38th minute. Gen. G responded by taking their fourth dragon of the game. It was Faker that got caught on the wrong foot walking into the 40th minute. But Gen. G came knocking down the walls of T1 as they scored an ace on the 45th minute and took down their Nexus without wasting any time whatsoever.

Match 4

Will T1 move onto the grand finals of LCK Spring 2023 or will Gen. G stand in their way? A gank by Oner on the 3rd minute saw Chovy being sent back to the base. T1 took down the first dragon of the game 6 minutes in. It was soon Peanut’s turn too as Gumayusi picked up the kill of Peanut. The first good news of the game for Gen. G was Peanut picking up the first Rift Herald. 9 minutes into the match, the first teamfight broke out with the lives of Peanut and Zeus being traded in. On the 11th minute, Chovy and Peanut teamed up to take down Faker in the top lane. Meanwhile, the Chemtech Drake was picked up by T1. The next teamfight went in favor of T1 as they killed both Delight and Peanut. T1 then picked up the Rift Herald. Keria found himself in an awkward position as he had to return to the base from the midlane. Zeus had to join him right after thanks to some team co-ordination from the Gen. G roster in the midlane.

T1 continued to pick up objectives nonetheless as they got their third dragon in the 18th minute. Doran and Chovy then took down Zeus but this time in the bottom lane. The 23rd minute came bearing the best news yet for the side of T1 as Zeus picked up a triple kill and they gained their fourth dragon. With Chovy and Peanut’s death in the 24th minute, there was a window of opportunity for picking up the Baron and they sealed it. T1 infiltrated into the base in the 27th minute taking down Gen. G’s inhibitor. T1 then shifted their focus and went for the turrets of the mid and top lanes. A fight around dragon side then sealed the deal for T1 as they picked up three kills and went straight for the base of Gen. G. And with that, the fourth match was over and it was a well-deserved series win for T1.

T1 are now the first team to make it to the grand finals of LCK Spring 2023. Gen. G has been relegated to the lower bracket and will face either of KT Rolster or Hanwha Life. Which among these teams will meet T1 at the grand finals of LCK Spring 2023? Guess only time will tell!

The pinnacle of the EMEA region of League of Legends sees G2 facing MAD Lions at LEC 2023 Winter grand finals. Will G2 pick up their 10th LEC title and retain their European dominance? Or are we about to witness the roar of MAD Lions? Let’s find out how G2 vs MAD Lions turned out in the grand finals of LEC 2o23 Winter!

G2 vs MAD Lions



  • Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik (Top)
  • Martin “Yike” Sundelin (Jungle)
  • Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther (Mid)
  • Steven “Hans sama” Liv (Bot)
  • Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle (Support)

MAD Lions

  • Kim “Chasy” Dong-hyeon (Top)
  • Javier “Elyoya” Prades (Jungle)
  • Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer (Mid)
  • Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság (Bot)
  • Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov (Support)

The Series

Match 1

Champ Picks
  • BrokenBlade- Kled
  • Yike- Maokai
  • Caps- Cassiopeia
  • Hans Sama- Varus
  • Mikyx- Heimderdinger
MAD Lions
  • Chasy- Jayce
  • Elyoya- Gragas
  • Nisqy- Viktor
  • Carzzy- Sivir
  • Hylissang- Ashe
Highlights Of Match 1

The first match started in favor of G2 as Caps secured the first kill thanks to some clever Sap placement by Yike. Yike kept impressing in his first ever final as he secured G2’s second kill of the match. MAD Lions responded picking up two crucial kills of Caps and Yike. The mid-game was pretty much dominated by G2 as they kept farming kills and objectives. They continued to make waves in game 1 as they picked up the Baron in the 22nd minute. In the first game of G2 vs MAD Lions it was Caps that reminded everyone why he’s the best in Europe as he kept picking up one kill after the other. Not much was left to be said as G2 picked up the first game on the cusp of the 26th minute.

Match 2

Champ Picks
  • BrokenBlade- Jax
  • Yike- Gragas
  • Caps- Kled
  • Hans Sama- Samira
  • Mikyx- Jarvan IV
MAD Lions
  • Chasy- Fiora
  • Elyoya- Sejuani
  • Nisqy- Cassiopeia
  • Carzzy- Varus
  • Hylissang- Braum
Highlights Of Match 2

In the second match of G2 vs MAD Lions, G2 got first blood by picking up the kill of Carzzy. Hans Sama then went on to kill Hylissang too making it a double kill in the 4th minute. Nisqy could respond but ever so slightly as he made sure G2 trades in the live of Mikyx to Nisqy. In the 7th minute, G2’s gank at the bot lane failed as MAD Lions responded by killing both Mikyx and Yike. Soon after, an all-out fight in the middle brought in 4 kills for G2.

The mid-game was G2 dominance yet again as they focused on objectives and took kills when there was an opportunity. A 19th minute fight saw Elyoya and Chasy run for their lives back to the base as their teammates conceded. G2 further cemented their ruthlessness by securing the Baron in the 22nd minute. A double inhibitor pick up was also secured around 25 minutes in. MAD Lions couldn’t defend any more as G2 picked up their second match before the clock read 30 minutes and were now one win away from their 10th LEC title.

Match 3

Champ Picks
  • BrokenBlade- Olaf
  • Yike- Vi
  • Caps- Taliyah
  • Hans Sama- Sivir
  • Mikyx- Heimerdinger
MAD Lions
  • Chasy- Jax
  • Elyoya- Wukong
  • Nisqy- Gragas
  • Carzzy- Zeri
  • Hylissang- Yuumi
Highlights Of Match 3

In the 4th minute, MAD Lions picked up their first kill, slaying BrokenBlade and then killed Yike. MAD continued to dominate the early game as Elyoya yet again picked up the kill of BrokenBlade. The match was going neck and neck but MAD successfully took down the first tower at the 11th minute. By mid-game, G2 gained the lead on MAD Lions cornering their players quite a few times. While MAD Lions did maintain a gold lead till around 30 minutes, G2 was constantly hunting down objectives. Doing so, they had narrowed the lead and eventually caught on. From then on, it was all G2. At the cusp of the 41st minute, the deciding teamfight took place of the third match of G2 vs MAD. G2 finished off all of MAD Lions’ 5 members and went straight in for the nexus. Series to G2 and 10th title confirmed!

With their newest title bagged, the G2 League Of Legends roster should be pumped heading into LEC Spring 2023. The tournament will be kicking off in around 2 weeks’ time.

League of Legends Korea is back with this year with more promising action than ever. LCK Spring 2023 has kicked off already with day 3 action coming today. Let’s take a look at the matchups and get some predictions rolling!

LCK Spring 2023 Day 3

The LCK Spring 2023 has kicked off earlier this week with four matches being played. T1 and DWG KIA has already picked up their first wins of the tournament. Their wins came against Gen. G and DRX respectively.

KT Rolster vs T1


KT Rolster
  • Kim “Kiin” Gi-in (Top)
  • Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan (Jungle)
  • Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong (Mid)
  • Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram (Bot)
  • Park “Rebel” Geun-woo (Support)
  • Son “Lehends” Si-woo (Support)
  • Lee “PerfecT” Seung-min (Substitute Top)
  • Choi “Zeus” Woo-je (Top)
  • Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon (Jungle)
  • Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok (Mid)
  • Lee “Gumaysu” Min-hyeong (Bot)
  • Ryu “Keria” Min-seok (Support)


The first matchup of LCK Spring 2023 Day 3 is between kt Rolster and T1. KT Rolster are yet to play a match and T1 have already played and won their first match here. So, naturally they have an advantage of being warmed up already. If we resort to head-to-heads, T1 won 10 times out of the last 13 times they faced kt. The last time kt could beat T1 in a competitive match was back in 2021. KT is also in a 3-match losing streak, so the odds aren’t looking too good for them. With all of that into consideration, T1 should be picking up their second win of the tournament quite easily.

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  • Noh “Burdol” Tae-yoon (Top)
  • Kim “Willer” Jeong-hyeon (Jungle)
  • Lee “Clozer” Ju-hyeon (Mid)
  • Lee “Envyy” Myeong-joon (Bot)
  • Kim “Kael” Jin-hong (Support)
  • Kim “Canna” Chang-dong (Top)
  • Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu (Jungle)
  • Heo “ShowMaker” Su (Mid)
  • Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu (Bot)
  • Kim “Kellin” Hyeong-gyu (Support)


The two teams, DWG and SANDBOX have faced each other 19 times in total. Of those 19 matches, 16 were won by DWG. However, both the teams aren’t at the best of their forms currently. Both managed to pick up only 2 wins in their last 5 matches. The last time the two faced each other was in LCK Regional Finals 2022. DWG won the series 3-1 against SANDBOX there. So, this should be a victory for DWG. Not an absolutely guaranteed one but pretty sure that will be the final outcome.

May the best teams win!


2022 was a year filled with esports tournaments and events. With the top esports teams clashing against each other week in week out, it’s no secret they’ve racked in millions of hours of watch time. With that in mind, a question naturally arises- who was the most watched esports team of 2022? It was none other than the Korean powerhouse, T1! Today we’ll be finding out more about how they achieved that.

About T1

T1 (formerly known as SK Telecom T1 or SKT T1) is a South Korean professional esports organization that was founded in 2004. T1 is known for its successful teams and players in a variety of esports titles, including League of Legends, Overwatch, and Fortnite. The Korean team has won numerous championship titles in major esports tournaments, such as the League of Legends World Championship and the Overwatch League. The organization has also produced some of the most well-known and respected players in the worldwide esports scene. Of course, the first name to come to mind is Faker, who is considered one of the best League of Legends players of all time. T1 has a strong presence in the competitive gaming community and fans consider them as one of the top esports organizations in the world.

T1 finally announce their League of Legends roster for the 2022 season

The Year In Review for T1

Esports Charts recently published a rank of the most watched esports teams of 2022. T1 tops the list with a total watch time of 112.93 million hours. While that surely is a huge number, it shouldn’t come as a surprise for their fans. T1 has had a phenomenal year in 2022 as they continue to dominate the scene of League of Legends. With Faker still leading from the front, there were few that could give T1 a run for their money.

An undefeated run at the LCK Spring 2022 set the standard for the South Koreans for the rest of the year. Their 10th domestic title provided them unparalleled confidence. At the MSI 2022, T1 continued their hot winning streak. Their streak did come to an end soon though after conceding a defeat to European giants, G2 Esports. T1 did become the runners-up of the tournament though, losing the finals to Asian rivals, Royal Never Give Up. It was now time for LCK Summer 2022 and fans had hoped their team replicated their previous levels of performance. Unfortunately, that really didn’t happen. T1 faced defeats quite a few times throughout the entire tournament. Despite their rather scrappy performance, T1 still managed to appear at the grand finals. Their opponent was Gen. G who put up an impressive show throughout the Summer split. T1 succumbed to defeat failing to respond to Gen. G’s intense tactics. It was another second place finish, one that fans couldn’t complain much about.

T1 keep perfect season intact, advance to MSI 2022 rumble stage - Dot Esports

Three-time Worlds champions now showed up to the Championship to make it four. They dominated the group stage only conceding a single defeat. T1 faced back to back Asian rivals, RNG and JDG in the quarter and semifinals. Both fell prey to T1’s dominance as Faker and co. proceeded to the finals. The stage was now set for T1 vs. DRX. Fans were treated to one of the best finals in the history of League of Legends. It took all five rounds to crown a winner and it was DRX that lifted their first Worlds Championship.

Becoming The Most Watched Team of 2022

There’s quite a few reasons how T1 turned out to be the most watched esports team of 2022. Here’s a few:

  1. League of Legends had the highest peak viewership this year with 615m hours watched in total. With T1 playing all the matches of the top League of Legends tournaments this year, it’s no surprise they racked in so many hours of viewership.
  2. Who wouldn’t want to watch Faker play? Even in 2022, Faker is playing the game like he owns it. He was joined by one of the finest young talents of the year that is Zeus. Fans poured in to watch the two play and create magic together.
  3. The growing popularity of LCK also had quite the role to play. With an airtime of over 300 hours, viewers watched 74m hours of the LCK this year alone.

How about the other teams?

With T1 taking the top spot, it was Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team, RRQ Hoshi that took the second spot. In 2022, matches with its participation generated 88.2m hours watched which is 30% more than last year. Third on the list was none other than Natus Vincere which is the first CS:GO team to be featured on the list.

The next four spots on the list were taken by new entrants DRX, FaZe Clan, ONIC and Gen. G. EVOS is another MLBB team to be featured on the list with G2 and DWG featuring next. DWG dropped 9 spots in the list than before.

Well, there you have the most watched esports team of 2022. It’s yet another W for T1 and their fans are surely ending the year on a high!

Six of Europe’s best appeared last month to book a ticket at Worlds. With only two set for the main event and another two up for the play-ins, no stone could have been left unturned. In the end, it was G2 and Rogue that met in the finals of LEC 2022 Summer. Read on to find out all the action!

G2 vs Rogue

Even though both had qualified for Worlds 2022 just by showing up at the finals, it was now about bragging rights. Only one can be crowned the best in Europe and it could only be determined by a best of 5. How did the matches turn out? Let’s find out!



  • Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik
  • Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski
  • Rasmus “caPs” Borregaard Winther
  • Victor “Flakked” Lirola Tortosa
  • Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé


  • Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu
  • Kim “Malrang” Geun-seong
  • Emil “Larssen” Larsson
  • Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos
  • Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus

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The Series

Match 1

The first match started out slow as the first blood of Broken Blade was taken by Rogue 9 minutes into the match. Rogue also took the Infernal Dragon soon after. Disaster struck for G2 in the 16th minute when Rogue not only stole their dragon but also sent the entire team back to the base. Rogue started building on an impressive gold lead by taking one objective after the other. G2’s base was penetrated with their first inhibitor being destroyed in the 28th minute. The walls came tumbling down for G2 in the 31st minute when Comp invaded their base to pick up his pentakill. Advantage to Rogue for picking up the first map!

Match 2

The second match of the LEC 2022 finals started even slower for G2 and Rogue. It was BrokenBlade yet again who got killed first. Malrang picked up the kill of Flakked but he picked up Trymbi. Jankos was in the right place as well as he slayed Malrang. 16th minute of the match saw the first full-fledged teamfight as Rogue picked up three kills of G2. They picked up their first dragon too right after. Despite all this, G2 did a good job at keeping the gold difference to a minimum. They couldn’t sustain their lead for long though as Rogue started dominating teamfight after teamfight. But G2 made a strong statement winning a teamfight of their own in the 37th minute. They went straight in aiming for Rogue’s nexus but individual brilliance by Malrang saved his team. From then on, Rogue didn’t take long to wrap up match two in the 43rd minute.

Match 3

The third match started in favor of G2. Caps picked up Larssen’s life in mid-lane with some help from Jankos. Rogue soon responded as Malrang picked up the kill of Jankos. G2 picked up the first dragon but Rogue soon took the first turret after slaying Flakked. Rogue then restarted their tradition of dominating teamfights with a triple kill from Comps and another by Odoamne in the 17th minute. They kept working hard to take down objectives while making sure G2 don’t catch them off guard. Rogue took two red inhibitors in the 27th minute. The boys in blue did not take long to wrap up the night as they took down the nexus in the 29th minute.

With the finals wrapped up, Rogue are your new LEC champions! Only time will tell how they’ll perform at Worlds.

Some of China’s best came to The Hub at Shanghai this June to be crowned victors of LPL Summer 2022. What started off with 17 teams finally boiled down to the top 2 in the end. In the end, it was JD Gaming that beat Top Esports to win LPL Summer 2022.


JD Gaming

  • Bai “369” Jia-Hao (Top)
  • Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok (Jungle)
  • Zeng “Yagao” Qi (Mid)
  • Wang “Hope” Jie (AD Carry)
  • Lou “Missing” Yun-Feng (Support)

Top Esports

  • Huang “Wayward” Ren-Xing (Top)
  • Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang (Jungle)
  • Zhuo “knight” Ding (Mid)
  • Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo (AD Carry)
  • Ling “Mark” Xu (Support)

Match 1

The first match between JD Gaming and Top Esports started off a little slow. Both teams were trying to understand the look and feel of the match. The two teams picked up a kill each in the first five minutes. Top Esports started to pick up pace as they picked up 3 kills and the first turret within the span of a few minutes. In mid-game, things went back and forth as both teams started picking up kills as well as turrets. There were two huge teamfights in the 25th and 27th minute of the game and JDG definitely made a comeback into the game after. JDG considerably levelled up in the game having a gold lead of a few thousand. They just carried on from there after another successful teamfight as the 30th minute was approaching. After that, they went straight for the inhibitors and the nexus turrets. And thus, the first match finished in favor of JD Gaming.

Match 2

Top Esports started the second match well picking up the first blood. They were looking pretty comfortable picking up another kill soon after and getting the first dragon. But TES failed to continue their dominance heading into the mid-game. Two team fights at that phase of the game clearly reflected that JDG recollected themselves well. In the first, JDG picked up two kills and in the next one, TES had to walk away for their dear lives. But the tides turned in favor of Top Esports yet again. They won a teamfight thanks to a brilliant ultimate from Wayward and quickly slayed the Baron soon after. TES took down a few turrets quickly and racked up a 10k gold lead. But the drama kept unfolding as JDG kept minimizing the gold deficit bit by bit. Things were quite for a while but as TES was going for the dragon at the cusp of the 45th minute. JDG took down Mark and went straight for the dragon. And just when things started to look good for JDG, the unthinkable happened. TES quickly eliminated four players of JDG and went straight for their base taking down the nexus turrets and then the nexus within seconds. With that, TES levelled the scoreline 1-1.

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Match 3

Like the first match, this one started off a little slow as well. Top Esports picked up first blood killing 369. But JDG responded by taking the first dragon. Soon after, TES took down the first top turret with the help of the Rift Herald. Top Esports went on to make good use of Rift Heralds as they consecutively took down two mid turrets right after winning a team fight. However, TES failed to remain consistent in the game. JDG put on their game faces on and fiercely took on some team fights. Their teamfights were followed up by taking down turrets one after the other. Top Esports failed to resist the constant battering of JDG and they conceded the game at around the 32nd minute mark. Advantage to JD Gaming going up 2-1 in the series!

Match 4

Match 4 started in favor of JDG as they picked up the kill of JackeyLove in the 3rd minute. TES responded picking up consecutive kills of 369 and Hope soon after. At this early stage of the game, things were neck and neck. JDG picked up the first dragon of the game at around 15 minutes. They soon picked up the first turret of the game as well. Heading into the 20th minute, TES had the lead in terms of kills, turrets and gold as well. In the 25th minute, TES pick up their first dragon but at the cost of the lives of Mark and Knight. TES regained their edge over JDG in the 32nd minute when they took down 3 members in front of the Baron. TES soon penetrated into the defense of JD taking down the middle inhibitor turret. It was only a matter of time before TES destroyed their opponents nexus and that is exactly what happened. TES won the 4th match and made sure we go all the way to see who is crowned the champion of LPL Summer 2022.

Match 5

JDG didn’t take long to get the final match started in their favor. 369 and Kanavi punished Wayward in the 5th minute of the match to get first blood. TES responded soon picking up the kills of Missing and Kanavi right after picking up the first Rift Herald. TES continued to dominate teamfights killing Yagao and Kanavi in the 15th minute. They follow it up picking the second Rift Herald. JDG somewhat responded by picking up the first turret in their favor. Soon after, they also slayed their first dragon. But it was the 30th minute that completely changed the course of the match. For the first time in the match, JDG dominated a teamfight. They clean sweeped the entire TES roster and repeated it on the 34th minute. The walls came tumbling down as JDG were quick to take down the Nexus. The dust settled as JD Gaming won the LPL Summer 2022.


JD Gaming finally got their ticket for Worlds 2022. How far will they go at Worlds? Only time will tell.